Dogs Teach Mankind New Tricks

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Some of life's greatest teachers come to us with a wet nose, a wagging tail, and a heart overflowing with timeless wisdom. The book "Seven Gifts from Seven Dogs" is inspiration for all who long to transform their lives.

Sit, stay, come, roll-over, and fetch are just a few of the many tricks man teaches his beloved four-legged friend. However, what dogs can teach man is far more impressive and far reaching. The newly released book “Seven Gifts from Seven Dogs” written by Karen Snow, journeys readers through seven invaluable life lessons Snow learned from her seven dogs. These lessons are simple to understand, yet powerful enough to transform readers lives.

The idea for the book was born when Snow was faced with several adversities at once and she needed a heaping dose of inspiration to reclaim her inner strength. Visions of how her dogs overcame their individual adversities to live more fully danced through her mind and onto paper. Theses timeless lessons not only helped her heal, but they inspired her to write a book to share the powerful lessons with the world.

Snow's goal for the book is to raise awareness about how dogs are not only beautiful companions, but incredible teachers and healers as well. Numerous scientific studies show repeatedly, and remarkably how dogs greatly benefit man physically, emotionally and spiritually. In addition, she wants to help others transform their lives with the seven lessons in her book. So far its working. Snow gets many emails from readers about how the book in some way has changed the readers life. One such example comes from South Carolina. Evelyn says, “I lost my husband a year ago and when I started reading the book I just started crying. The book brought all my emotions out that had been buried.”

Dogs teaching abilities are silent but golden. All one needs to do is pay attention. One of the seven lessons Snow writes about that she learned form her Labrador Retriever, Chocolate is happiness: “If we waited for the moon and stars to be aligned perfectly before we were happy, we'd be waiting infinitely. Happiness is our birthright and our responsibility, and we need to claim it for ourselves. We decide to be happy - it flows from within and not contingent upon outside circumstances.”

Snow challenges readers to choose one of the seven lessons and apply it to their lives for 30 days. She feels this is a fantastic tool to help people slowly transform their lives. Lessons learned from her dogs can benefit all those whom long to change their lives for the better. Some of life's greatest teachers come to us with a wet nose, a wagging tail, and a heart overflowing with timeless wisdom.

Which dogs lesson will set your heart ablaze and become your difference?

Karen Snow lives to create. Whether she is writing books or poetry, she feels writing gives her a unique opportunity to help make a difference in the world.

Karen Snow


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