A New Level For The C-Suite To Measure The Qualifications Of Executive Coaches

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The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) has done it again. Just when you thought the bar could not be set any higher, in keeping with their raised standard of excellence, they have created a professional postgraduate certification in the spirit of an academic Ph.D. for Executive Coaches—the Postgraduate Certification in Executive Coaching (PCEC)—The Highest Class of Credentialing To Date.

Postgraduate Certification in Executive Coaching (PCEC)

Our motto is: “The answer is only the beginning of the question,” quoted CB as she sat deep in thought.

When “Super Stars” and “Super Hero’s” are all the latest buzz because of their ultimate and legendary status, ACEC wants their members to have access to the same stature—“Super Star Coaches.”

In order to accomplish this objective, ACEC rose to the challenge posed by the 2014 Sherpa Executive Coaching research report, which stated that organizations believe: “There is room for improvement in the eyes of those who hire and work with coaches. HR & training professionals say that only 35% of coaching is excellent, 57% is good, and 8% produced fair or poor results.”

CB Bowman, CEO of ACEC, and a team of academic advisors designed a postgraduate certification that will certify coaches as the “best of the best”! Bowman said, “While ACEC’s Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) credential already surpasses industry standards, ACEC felt the need to recognize an even more accomplished level for those coaches who continue to surpass the already high standards recognized by their MCEC.” “This new level recognizes, motivates, and helps to ensure that executive coaches who seek this credential remain current regarding coaching competencies, new business enhancement, and technology, i.e., digital marketing. This is in addition to supporting the next generation of coaches and leaders. Further, this new level is meant to provide corporate executives, talent managers, and human resources decision makers with a higher options of excellence to select from outside of the usual suspects, where cross pollination may result from using the same coaches your competitors are using,” said CB Bowman.

Focusing on a combination of coaching mastery, which includes competencies, business knowledge, volunteerism and technology, ACEC has created a stringent set of criteria that gives increased legitimacy to the coach’s experience and knowledge, it also recognizes his or her intense support of our professional community, and willingness to be fearless about breaking the norms for the betterment of their clients. This certification will inform their colleagues and clients of their elite “Super Star” status.

The elite status of the PCEC, which is designed to meet the higher coaching standards demanded by clients, is aligned with ACEC’s desire to surpass industry standards and remain on the cutting edge of credentialing in the executive coaching industry. Professional requirements include 80 CEU’s over five years, and consist of a blend of professional competencies, mentoring, pro-bono work, technology, and business development. This certification gives further credence to the experience, professional academics and dedication to community that top Executive Coaches have shown to the profession and their clients.

This new certification carries with it rigorous and diverse re-certification requirements:

  •     Advanced Core Options – Should support industry or your own professional growth in an advanced area related to (1) methodology: Evidence-Based Coaching, Behavioral Coaching; and (2) sciences: Neuropsychology, Psychology: Coaching Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology.
  •     Pro Bono Work/Mentoring – for organizations meeting Guide Star requirements and servicing a minimum of 50 people. The selected organization must additionally be registered as a non-profit with local government agencies.
  •     Business Growth and Continuous Learning – contributing to the authorship of collective works published by ACEC, courses that support the coach’s business growth, and/or achieving certification and proficiency in an internationally accepted assessment instrument.
  •     Mentoring Emerging Leaders – who must be identified as belonging to an underserved population and/or diversity client.
  •     Technology – programs that increase learning in: Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and website management, et.al.

Our postgraduate credentialing follows in cadence with the work being done since 2010 when CB Bowman launched the e-association—Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, who’s value statement tells its entire story “Rigorous credentialing, mutual support, and lifelong learning to drive business results©.”

In 2012 ACEC launched the industry's Thought Leader Award, designed to recognize people who have contributed to the health of the industry.
In 2013 ACEC opened the doors to the first professional e-university—the University of Continuing Executive Coaching Education --dedicated to providing professional curricula for senior level executive coaches, and providing continuing education credits for those at the top of the profession.

When asked about the new credentialing, Donna Karlin, ACEC Board member, had this to say: “The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches is the exception to the standards of other associations. ACEC has raised the bar to a level of excellence that hasn’t previously been set by other organizations. Its members are of the best practitioners in the world while, at the same time, they strive to be the best for the world through pro bono work, mentoring and standing for a level of excellence that hasn't been recognized until now.”

But CB herself, sums it up… “We know that there will be executive coaches and other associations who will challenge our new credentialing both directly and/or indirectly. We expect this, as we are the first. However, the time is right, the level of coaches who are members of ACEC is right, and we will never back down from breaking out from the norm for the sake of moving forward. Our motto is: “The answer is only the beginning of the question,” quoted CB as she sat deep in thought.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches contact:
Eileen Broer, MCEC PCEC,
Chairperson of Membership
Rachel Lyn Aube
Membership Ambassador

CB Bowman, CEO
(908) 509-1744 12:00pm to 6:00pm EST

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