DeadPest: Roaches and Other Pests Die, Even the “New Ones”

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"New" cockroaches have been discovered, prompting pest-control company to make a bold offer.

As 39 new species of cockroaches are discovered — and revealed to thrive in conditions not usually associated with roaches — a New Orleans company is making a bold offer: Its DIY pest-control system will kill every cockroach and insect, no matter what type — or it’s on them.

Dr. Heidi Hopkins of Albuquerque discovered 39 new species of cockroach within the genus Arenivaga, as reported in Science Daily in February 2014. ( These are desert roaches, flourishing in extremely hot and dry places — a far cry from the humid conditions that cultivate New Orleans’ infamous infestations of German brown cockroaches and American cockroaches.     

DeadPest invites those suffering from insect/pest problems in all parts of the country to give its DIY product a try. It is designed to replace the commercial exterminator hired to come to the property every month to spray — and not just for roaches. When used correctly, DeadPest also kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, bed bugs and more. If the product doesn’t work to customers’ satisfaction, they get a refund.

Cockroaches and other insects are not just nasty, but they spread disease, and aggravate respiratory issues and other health problems. Regular, professional extermination has been the best and only solution up until now. These services can get costly, so many people are priced out of living without roaches and other pests. It shouldn’t be expensive to live in a pest-free environment, and now it isn’t.

DeadPest is safe around children and pets, but deadly to cockroaches and pests. It is a dry odorless spray that doesn’t stain furniture or fabric, and at $100 per year is a huge departure from professional extermination bills. The customer sprays the product four times a year — the company sends email reminders to ensure they maintain the schedule.

The formula is an overnight killing poison that roaches and other insects carry back to their nests, where it then spreads through the entire population. A day after spraying, the customer starts seeing dead bugs turning up here and there, and that’s how they know it’s working. As long as customers keep up the regular spraying, they’ll never have a pest problem again.

Louisiana customer reviews include: “Finally, a product that works” … “it compares to local pest control companies” … “I am very happy with DeadPest, and more importantly, so is my wife” … “I use it in my restaurant, and believe me, it’s fantastic” … and “It has worked beautifully. Five stars!”

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