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For the last fourteen or so years, we’ve been watching digital video get better and better.

The following is a new post issued by StepenMag on behalf of First Class Posting. The following are excerpts:

"For the last fourteen or so years, we’ve been watching digital video get better and better. By 2005, an amateur with a couple thousand dollars to spend could buy a camera like the Canon XL, which would produce movie quality video at a home video cost. In 2010, Flip cameras and their derivatives were so affordable that you could produce an HD web series for around a hundred bucks. Today, all of those devices seem outdated to the average amateur, whose cell phone packs a better video camera than the one they spent half their college fund on back in the early double-zeroes," said Amy Taylor with First Class Posting.

Amy Taylor continues: "Now, if we’re being frank, real movie cameras will always have something of an edge over cell phone cameras. Simply put, a dedicated movie camera is always going to have the features that a filmmaker or videographer wants. It’s hard to attach a new lens or filter to a cell phone, and phone cameras are built for convenience above all. Someone who takes the visual component of cinema seriously will probably never want to use a cell phone camera for anything but a gimmick (say, a found-footage sequence in a movie), unless, of course, Canon for some reason decides to develop a smartphone specifically for cinematographers."

“Sony is a brand that has had a hard time becoming a player in the smartphone market,” said technology expert and entrepreneur Jason Hope “whether or not the new Xperia takes off, it may well leave a mark on how Apple designs and markets their phones with regards to video recording.”

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