Gleim Aviation Releases Two New PTS and Oral Exam Guide Books: Commercial Pilot and Instrument Pilot

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Gleim, the leader in aviation education materials, has released two brand new PTS and Oral Exam Guide books to assist with Commercial Pilot or Instrument Pilot Practical test preparation. These new guides are compact for easy referencing.

Because our Private PTS and Oral Exam Guide has been so well received, we wanted to help with Commercial and Instrument check rides as well. These two new books will be an excellent aid for students. - Garrett Gleim

Since the release of the Private Pilot PTS and Oral Exam Guide in November was received so well by customers, Gleim has moved ahead with this product line and produced two more books: the Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards and Oral Exam Guide and the Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards and Oral Exam Guide. Each book is the first of its kind in combining these essential study materials. They are designed to maximize and facilitate Commercial and Instrument Pilot Practical test preparations with their compactness and portability. By combining the PTS and Oral Exam Guide, Gleim has eliminated the need to purchase these materials separately, which saves money and decreases the load in your flight bag.

Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards and Oral Exam Guide includes both single-engine and multi-engine tasks. Instrument Pilot PTS and Oral Exam Guide includes both the Instrument Pilot PTS and the Flight Instructor–Instrument PTS, as well as a separate Oral Exam Guide with CFII-specific tasks.

Each book's Oral Exam Guide, which includes over 1,000 questions in Commercial and over 750 questions in Instrument, follows the standard FAA PTS Area Operation and Task order for each rating, maximizing the efficiency of students' study time. At the beginning of each book's Oral Exam Guide, students can utilize the detailed table of contents that lists the page numbers for each individual task. To further organize the material, we have also included a comprehensive index in each book so students can get the information they need with minimal effort. These indexes were designed to eliminate any of the frustrations instructors and students may have encountered with other study guides in the past.

The thought-provoking questions in each book's Oral Exam Guide utilize the latest FAA risk management and scenario-based training philosophies. The questions will take the user beyond a rote understanding of the material and allow a synthesis of knowledge that can be applied to all flights, not just the practical tests. The books are designed to facilitate the user's passing of the Practical Tests, but more importantly, Gleim wants to provide a product that improves the decision-making process and risk management procedures used by our customers.

Both books are already selling and shipping! Order Commercial Pilot PTS and Oral Exam Guide or Instrument Pilot PTS and Oral Exam Guide today!

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