(866) GWCARS-0 is Where to Donate a Car In Washington, DC

Goodwill Car Donations announces an easy way to donate a car in Washington, DC and receive an instant tax credit by calling 866 GWCARS-0.

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Goodwill Car Donations announces an easy way to donate a car in Washington DC and receive an instant tax credit by calling 866 GWCARS-0.

Washington DC (PRWEB) March 26, 2014

Goodwill Car Donations has announced that their used vehicle donation program in Washington, DC is accepting all cars in any condition. Vist http://www.gwcars.org/ or call (866) GWCARS-0 for the easiest way to donate a vehicle in Washington, DC.

Goodwill Car Donations accepts all kinds of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats, trailers, watercraft, campers, SUVs and even airplanes. In addition, Goodwill Car Donations will accept any vehicle whether it is still running or not. Goodwill Car Donations offers a free home pickup service Mondays through Fridays as well as some Saturdays.

Goodwill Car Donations offers Washington, DC car donations that includes a tax deduction, safety, convenience and the satisfaction that the donation is helping provide jobs for people. Goodwill Car Donations believes in helping the donor help others. The money raised through donating vehicles and reselling them goes to Goodwill and is used to support its mission-focused programs.

At Goodwill Car Donations, the process is extremely simple in order to donate a car in Washington, DC. All anyone interested has to do is provide their contact information, the model and make of the vehicle and tell where the vehicle is located. Goodwill Car Donations takes care of the rest, including making arrangements with a tow company for any vehicle to be transported to Goodwill Car Donations and delivering all of the paperwork that is needed in order to claim a tax benefit.

Goodwill Car Donations offers the best vehicle donation nonprofit program in Washington, DC. After donating a vehicle, all the donor has to do is take the license plates, the vehicle’s registration and a copy of the receipt from the donation to the DMV to de-register the vehicle as soon as possible.

At Goodwill Car Donations, those interested in donating are walked through each and every step to make it as easy as possible. Information about hours and services is available at http://www.gwcars.org/ or by calling (202) 769-0048.


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