Tickle vaser lipo is the latest improvement in the removal of unwanted body fat.

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Tickle Vaser, in combination with standard liposuction techniques, allows cosmetic surgeons to achieve greater extraction of fat more quickly and with far less discomfort to patients. It is now being offered to UK clients by Dr. Sashi Bassi of the Selston Cosmetic Clinic based in Selston, Nottinghamshire and it has recently achieved FDA approval in the States.

About Tickle Vaser
When applying standard vaser lipo surgeons use a needle known as a cannula. In the case of tickle vaser, the needle vibrates under air pressure which helps break up body fat before extracting it. The vibration is what tickles people and can cause them to laugh. Hence the acronym tickle vaser.

About Vaser Lipo

Professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry consider Vaser Lipo to be the gentlest form of liposuction available today. It is also state-of-the-art and powerful. During a Vaser Lipo treatment, the cosmetic surgeon will use ultrasound energy to disperse fat in the body to create a toned and sculpted appearance. Before removing fat cells from the body, the surgeon will fill the target area with a specialized saline solution to numb the section and contract the area’s blood vessels. Once the fat is in a liquefied state, the surgeon will use small probes that feature channel type elements for removal. While the surgeon is performing the procedure, he or she will be able to avoid delicate body parts like veins, blood vessels and nerves due to the advanced equipment used during the treatment.

Vaser Lipo Pros

Vaser Lipo allows surgeons to perform the cosmetic treatment on delicate areas of the body such as the knees and chin. Most people experience smoother results from Vaser Lipo than they do when they opt for traditional liposuction. The surgeon’s ability to remove fat from a person’s thighs, arms and back is another advantage of the liposuction type. Vaser Lipo is a good cosmetic surgery choice for men who would like fat removed from their breast area. Furthermore, the liposuction option typically causes very little swelling and bruising.

When people choose the liposuction type, they can be sedated according to their personal preferences and the recommendation of their doctor. For instance, cosmetic surgeons can perform Vaser Lipo with the patient under local anaesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

People who have Vaser Lipo will not suffer from fat migration after the procedure. With the completion of the treatment, future weight gain and loss will be distributed proportionately over the person’s entire body.

Vaser Lipo Cons

People who are considering Vaser Lipo should keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of fat that can safely be removed from the body. Extensive side effects from the cosmetic procedure are rare. However, people can develop inflammation or seroma. Also, after the treatment, some people experience pain or numbness. Small scars may be visible from the Vaser Lipo procedure.

Final Considerations

The cosmetic surgery procedure is best for people who have failed to eliminate fat in specific areas of their body with diet and exercise. When people choose tickle Vaser Lipo, they will be selecting a procedure that delivers a person's desired outcome. In addition, the treatment method lets patients heal faster and experience less pain than other liposuction methods. With Tickle Vaser Lipo, patients obtain swift results, and they are able to return to their everyday lives more quickly. For detailed information, visit selstoncosmeticclinic.com.

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