Earthtech Products Launches Affordable & Expandable Off-Grid Solar Powered Generator Kits in Response to Recent Natural Disasters

Affordable, entry level solar powered generator kits that get the job done when you need it most. Packs enough power to support appliances such as fridges, TV's and sump pumps for a lower cost as compared to similar units.

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Earthtech Products 1800 Watt Solar Generator Kit with 2 Solar Panels for Homes, Cabins and Apartments

Earthtech Products 1800 Watt Solar Generator Kit with 2 Solar Panels for Homes, Cabins and Apartments

Earthtech Products has brought an actual solution to the table by creating solar generator kits that are cost-effective, expandable and able to power your essential devices and appliances during an outage.

Merrick, New York (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Earthtech Products is proud to announce the launch of the affordable and expandable Earthtech Products 1800 Watt Solar Powered Generator Kit with 2 Solar Panels for homes, cabins and remote locations. For less than $2000, every power grid dependent American can now experience reliable backup power that can be customized and expanded to meet their emergency needs.

As the number of storms and severe weather events that Americans face are increasing every year, so do the number of power outages and blackouts. With climate change and global warming on everyone’s mind, and with more and more Americans facing this new weather first hand, backup power is a necessity for everyone now more than ever. With these OFF-Grid Solar kits, people no longer have to live in discomfort while waiting for the electric company to restore power or, even worse, have to face the emergency of food perishing, loss of emergency radio communication, and loss of lighting during a disaster.

Earthtech Products has brought an actual solution to the table for most people in the United States by creating solar generator kits that are cost-effective, expandable and able to power essential devices and larger crucial appliances during an outage.

Features of these kits include:

A solar installation on a roof can cost upwards of $40,000 and, if it is a grid-tied system, one may still suffer from blackouts if the power company fails. In addition, similar pre-packaged kits cost at least $2,500 and do not offer even half the power in these solar generator kits necessary to run essential appliances. For less than $2,000, an OFF-Grid solar generator system can be installed that will power the fundamental appliances necessary to get through power outages. Most people can install the system themselves without hiring an electrician, though it is always recommended to hire an electrician if one does not feel comfortable with the installation procedure.

Start out small and expand over time. The Earthtech Products 1800 Watt Solar Generator Kit with 2 Solar Panels includes two 100 Amp Hour Batteries, a charging station that monitors the amount of power going in and out of the batteries and all of the accessories needed to set this kit up for plug and play installation. The next size up is the Earthtech Products 1800 Watt Solar Generator Kit with 3 Solar Panels, which has a shorter recharge time for the batteries in the kit. The Earthtech Products Ultimate 1800 Watt Generator Kit with 5 Solar Panels is a fully expanded system that includes four 100 amp hour batteries and can power a refrigerator continuously, as well as many other household essentials.

When utilized for plug and play technology, these solar generator kits can be easily disassembled and moved to a different location. If one moves to a new house or wants to bring backup power to a vacation home, these solar generator kits can be transported wherever necessary.    

No longer be dependent on the power company during an emergency. Since these units have their own backup battery system that is recharged with the included solar panels, they do not need the power company to supply power for them to operate.

These solar generator kits can be used for both plug-and-play and hard wiring applications. Plug up to 4 devices into the unit at one time or 3 devices and a power strip for maximum usage. If preferred, the units can be hardwired into the electrical panel by an electrician so that the power from the generator is diverted to specific outlets in the home.

Unlike gas generators, these new solar generator kits do not need fuel refills nor a consistent supply of replacement parts. During Hurricane Sandy, due to the shortage of fuel, the lines to acquire gas for the gas generators consisted of people standing for hours in the cold. With these solar generator kits, never worry about leaving home and standing in line for fuel ever again. Once these systems are installed, you will rarely have to think about them afterwards.

As opposed to gas generators that emit dangerous fumes and create an inordinate amount of noise, the new solar generator kits are fume-free and quiet. No more waking up at night when the generator kicks on and no more running outside at all hours and in all types of weather conditions to refuel the unit.

Earthtech Products has researched and combined various components together to maximize both the efficiency and prices of these kits. Get real advice from our knowledgeable staff at Earthtech Products about these new Off-Grid Expandable Solar Generator Kits. Customization of these kits is available.

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