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The Modern Knowledge Tour is a grass-roots cross Canada adventure that will combine numerous distinguished speakers showcasing their vast knowledge of interlacing disciplines and blending their vision into a Canada-wide experience for the masses. The concepts and ideas presented in this tour will not only empower individuals to think for themselves, but also inspire them to ask questions regarding our current knowledge, doctrines and dogmas.

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The Modern Knowledge Tour is to be a catalyst towards opening the door for the millions of Canadians who support the ‘Truth movement'.

[ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that radio show host and Martial Arts Instructor David Whitehead and research analyst and event coordinator Christopher Russak are spearheading a unique series of public events that are aimed to engage the population with a shocking and informative look into our societal paradigms.

According to sources at the Modern Knowledge Tour’s gala announcement event held in January in Toronto - this bold cross-Canada tour will engage audiences in eleven Canadian cities.

The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer former Canadian Minister of National Defence, who addressed the audience at the gala event, delivered a stern warning to politicians to fix the problems they have created or suffer the political consequences for their continued non-action.

As stated by co-ordinator Christopher Russak, "This is a monumental time for Canada in many respects, as we embark upon a national tour spreading unbiased knowledge and perspectives on 'truth' and the concepts and paradigms that lay within this truth."

According to David Whitehead, the aim of the tour is to be a catalyst towards opening the door for the millions of Canadians who support the 'Truth movement' and who would like to take independent thought to a new level of awareness.

The topics presented on the Modern Knowledge Tour challenge individuals to re-examine their history, reality, and will open doors to new discovery along the way.

Modern Knowledge Tour topics and areas of current research include:

  •     Science and Spirituality
  •     Genetically Modified foods and Health
  •     The Science of Light
  •     Government Disclosure
  •     Solutions for a world of sustainability
  •     Esoteric Agenda
  •     Banking and Corporate Fraud
  •     Empowered and Sovereign Humanity
  •     Spirituality and Consciousness
  •     Taxonomy of Extraterrestrial Entities
  •     Biblical Archeological Revised History
  •     Megaliths and Giants of North America
  •     Black Projects - Follow the Money
  •     The Science of UFO’s

And many more topics that are of great consequence for the evolution of human thought.

The tour will visit the following 11 cities in Canada between May 24th and June 15th, 2014:

Halifax – Charlottetown – Moncton – Fredericton – Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto
Winnipeg - Regina – Calgary – Vancouver

Speakers participating in this cross-Canada tour include:

Michael Tellinger – Richard Dolan – Stanton Friedman – Dr. Carmen Boulter - Michael Tsarion - Jim Mars – G. Edward Griffin – Grant Cameron – Linda Moulton Howe - Hugh Newman - Kerry Cassidy – Ralph Ellis – Santos Bonacci – Ben Stewart – Dr. Sam Osmanagich

Members of the print and web based media, radio and television hosts who may wish personal interviews with the event hosts or any of the appointed speakers may contact:

Christopher Russak at: modernknowledge2014(at)gmail(dot)com or by phone at 647-992-9940.

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