OldCotes Media Ltd Expands Business Horizons to Acquire E-Books & Games

Site Group Now Features All Five Content Types

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(PRWEB) March 29, 2014

OldCotes Media Ltd has announced plans to expand its media operations to cover a greater variety of digital content. The company, which currently distributes a range of pre-licensed music, computer software and film titles, has acquired the rights to a number of e-book titles and video games which will be added to the company’s catalogue in the coming weeks.

“We’re aiming to launch this new content on our sites by the end of the quarter,” says Old Cotes Media’s Content Acquisitions Lead, Jay Aziz. “E-books and video games are both huge markets that we’ve had our eyes on for a while. Having five types of content will give us a serious competitive advantage,” he said.

Based out of Middlesex, England, OldCotes Media Ltd provides digital content distribution services to a variety of media sites within its corp group. To find out more about the corporation’s services, visit http://www.oldcotesmedia.com.