Finding Your "Inner Negotiator" with "The Practical Negotiator," by Stephen P. Cohen

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Stephen P. Cohen inspires ordinary people to identify and activate their “inner negotiator” to meet the daily demands of resolving everyday conflicts in relationships, work & family. In this companionable yet indispensable book, the author encourages and empowers individuals to actively stand up for their interests and to pursue their daily challenges by learning to negotiate with confidence every single day.

" There's an inner negotiator in everyone. The Practical Negotiator helps you find it."

"The Practical Negotiator," (Career Press) a new release by Boston-based author, lawyer and CEO consultant Stephen P. Cohen, is packed with powerful strategies that ease the snarled situations many individuals face every single day. A companionable yet indispensable handbook on everyday negotiation for everyday people, based on real-world requests for advice from people around the world, this book is designed to empower ordinary people to identify and discover their “inner negotiator” and to pursue with confidence their interests in relationships, in work and in family matters.

The book charts real-life day-to-day cases that have the soaring potential to ruin "every" day: a teenager locks the door & won't talk or come out; the boss says "no" to one’s best proposal; the kids balk and won't eat supper; the wife wants to buy a new house. How to deal with these issues? The author explores many elements of negotiating these conflicts, including how to balance one’s own interests with those of one’s partner -- and when to walk away. Cohen's experienced wisdom guides the reader with sensitive, insightful analysis by tapping the “inner negotiator.”

“Everybody and anybody can negotiate - not just the big players, not just the politicians, not just the CEO's – everybody,” he says. The book asserts that in the real world, we are all negotiators; we negotiate daily with family and friends, at work and in the general daily business of life itself.

Cohen submits that once we are tuned in to what the other person needs or wants from us, then everybody will get what he needs or want, or come close to it.

“There's an inner negotiator in everyone," he contends, “’The Practical Negotiator’ helps you find it."

The book serves as a daily guide in untangling the most knotted, difficult everyday situation. Successful negotiation is a process that leads to an agreement each party willingly fulfills. “The Practical Negotiator“ helps make that possible for everyone.

“The Practical Negotiator” contends that negotiation is a civilized practice for us all; it is not limited to high-level conflicts in high-stakes situations - rather, individuals face it every ordinary day. Learning common-sense ways to get what we want by using our inner tools to negotiate helps in resolving and humanizing everyday differences and struggles.

“Steven Cohen’s ‘The Practical Negotiator’ is a valuable addition for all of us whose tool kit is a bit light on conciliation skills—and that’s most of us.” -- Justine Hardy, author of "The Wonder House," "In the Valley of Mist" and founder of Healing Kashmir, a conflict rehabilitation program

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