The Woven Tale Press Expands Its Web Base to Further Promote Artists and Writers

The mission of The Woven Tale Press, an online magazine, is to grow web traffic for writers and artists — contributors are credited with URL hyperlinks back to their individual blogs and now, to their personal websites or online shops.

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Setauket, NY (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

The Woven Tale Press reflects the proliferation of web-based art galleries and shops, flash-fiction blogs, and e-book publishing; the magazine's interactive links serve as crucial lifelines between artists and writers, and their Web audience. URLs can be submitted at

In addition to its monthly magazine, The Woven Tale Press website features weekly posts exploring the creative process — from creative writing tips and novel pitching, to mixed media, sculpture, digital photography, the experimental arts and even fine crafts.

For greater exposure, magazine contributors who also are featured on the site are rewarded with interactive buttons linking their magazine pages back to the Press website.

Also new: “The Woven Tale’s Challenge,” a weekly blogging link-up to be judged by Press editors. Open to all mediums. Winners will be considered for inclusion in The Woven Tale Press as well as promoted across social networking platforms.

This eclectic online arts and literary magazine is the brainchild of author and editor Sandra Tyler, of Its initial launch was to grow Web traffic for notable writer and artist bloggers. Now the Press has expanded its base to include writers and artists who may have websites instead of blogs, and fine crafters with online shop URLs.

As of its first-year anniversary, The Press has topped representation of over 200 writers and artists. Its staff has grown to ten editors who continually cull the creative Web for the noteworthy and innovative.

The Woven Tale Press is tailored strictly to digital consumption. Its literary contributions are geared toward the savvy but often time-constricted online reader. Multiple pages may be dedicated to a single artist, one image per spread for ultimate visual impact. Such bold design entices Press readers to click on interactive URLs and to forge community with the magazine's distinctive amalgam of contributors.

To subscribe, and for information on how to submit to the magazine or get featured on The Woven Tale Press website, go to


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