Avani Technology Solutions Inc - Mobilizing Enterprises Through SaaS Based Mobility Solutions

Avani is currently engaged in developing and perfecting CEIPAL (Enterprise Cloud for People Management product), which is a cloud based SaaS delivery solution featuring an extension to mobile devices for the client’s workforce to be more productive in the office or on-the-field.

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Avani Technology Solutions Inc.

Avani engages in staunch efforts to migrate enterprise solutions to dependable and customizable mobility platforms.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) March 28, 2014

With shorter product life cycles, increased customer demand for customized solutions, and intense competition, enterprises today are faced with the daunting task of moving out of their comfort zones and adopting a mobile enterprise strategy to be quick, communicative and agile to compete in the ever changing global markets.

Avani Tech solutions headquartered in New York, USA, with an Indian R&D center in Hyderabad, builds products and customized platforms to migrate enterprise solutions to mobile devices with ease, and deliver instant solutions based on the cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) delivery model.

The company has been leveraging its R&D team and experienced workforce since 2008 to deliver solutions in the areas of Mobility, SaaS delivered Enterprise Applications on Cloud, Security testing and ERP Solutions. “We possess a core team of mobility architects and experts who built a enterprise-mobility-framework that defines the features that are key and optimal to go on mobile devices,” explains Sameer Penakalapati, CEO, Avani Technologies.

Avani is currently engaged in developing and expanding its portfolio to enterprise portals and mobile platform, here are the details:

Product 1:
TalentHire (Applicant Tracking System) - Mobile version for both Government agencies and Commercial enterprises.

Product 2:
Workforce Portal (Employee Self Service) - Mobile version for both Government agencies and Commercial enterprises.

Product 3:
FileCabinet (Document Management Portal) - New development that integrates with external cloud based office softwares such as google docs, box.com, and Microsoft office 365

Product 4:
eVerifyPlus (Compliance Portal) - New development that integrates eVerify functionality with Workforce portal to enforce compliance with HR and INS regulations. The portal tracks employees authorization status with all the digitally verified documents, and also built-in alerts about important document renewal and expiry dates so to keep employers and employees in compliance.

Avani team has chosen to design and develop these enterprise tools using open-source technologies (PHP, HTML5, CSS, and others) with mySQL/Oracle/No-SQL (open-source flat-file structure) databases. As part of the design, we are also extending the tool to integrate with key SAP modules, Oracle enterprise tools to bring SAP interface to the browser. We are creating extensions and interfaces to connect enterprise applications built on Java and .NET platform. By extending these connectors to the enterprise systems, we are extending CEIPAL functionality and scope to serve our large customer base.

Under the leadership of Penakalapati, Avani engages in staunch efforts to migrate enterprise solutions to dependable and customizable mobility platforms. In this endeavor, the Indian R&D center has recently developed a SAP certified mobile app for inventory management using SAP’s SUP (Sybase Unified Platform). Similarly, the organization continues its efforts in integrating solutions from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and other leading enterprise solutions to Avani’s current product portfolio, CEIPAL.

For more details on product portfolio, please contact:


Website: http://www.avanitechsolutions.com; http://www.ceipal.com


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