Doctor Trusted Progene®: 8 Tips on Talking About Low Testosterone

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Progene® Natural Testosterone Supplement Presents How to "Talk T" With Family and Friends

Easiest way to Find "T" levels without a doctor's office visit or a prescription? Progene At-Home Test Kit.

Talk T? Anyone can do it. "Talking T" means going molecular and getting physical. The time to begin is now. Presenting the Progene® 8: Questions and Answers that help facilitate dialogue.

1.    Why talk T?
Over 55 million men in the US are over 40 and a man – actually, all men - experience lower levels of T as compared to when he was younger. Testosterone makes a man a Man. It’s what helps build muscle and melt fat. “T” powers men’s attractiveness to women, his energy levels, motivation, interest in life and overall health.

2.    What’s “Going Molecular” have to do with T?
Going molecular has to do with the complex testosterone molecule -- C19H28O2 – and finding a man’s “T” levels with Progene®’s At-Home Testosterone Test Kit. Saliva samples reveal how much of the complex “T” molecule is left in a man’s body.

3.    Why do men’s T levels drop? During the process of aging, men naturally lose 1-2 % every year. Progene® helps to support T production naturally – no prescription and no doctor’s office visit.

4.    What happens when a man's T is close to “E”? Men may experience fatigue, weight gain around the waist, low libido, less muscle mass, and even depression.

5.    What does Getting Physical with T mean? Getting physical means taking action to find out T levels. Now men can find T levels at home with the quick and easy Progene® At-Home Testosterone Test Kit. The test is painless, involves no needles or blood, and requires only saliva. Samples mailed in the prepaid pack go to Progene®'s CLIA certified lab. Results in 5-7 business days.

6.    Who sells the Progene® Test Kit? Call Progene®’s toll free number for a great test kit deal 888-PROGENE (888-776-4363) or order online at Looking for a store? Ask our sales professionals about the 10,000+ retail locations nationwide who carry Progene® products (888PROGENE).

7.    What does “Fits men to a T” mean? Progene® precisely "fits to a T" the needs of aging men, giving them the opportunity to find T levels in the privacy of home and the potential to take action when finding lower levels.

8.    What kind of action can men take? Progene®’s natural supplement has been helping men build testosterone for over 10 years. With over 20 million tablets sold, the Progene® dual-action formula combines rare herbal extracts and clinically proven precursors -- ingredients that help men produce more testosterone – naturally. And recently, Progene earned the prestigious “Doctor Trusted” Seal. That’s taking action to a T.

Armed with these questions and answers, everyone can “Talk "T", encouraging men to go molecular and get physical. Join the Progene® World of “T” and read more about how to open that conversation men live better as they age.

The Progene® At-Home Testosterone Test Kit and the Progene® natural daily supplement. can be ordered by calling 888-PROGENE (888-776-4363).

About Progene®

Founded in 2003, Progene® continues to lead the natural supplement market by addressing the decline of testosterone levels in men as they age. With over 20 million tablets sold, the Progene® dual-action formula combines rare herbal extracts and clinically proven precursors, ingredients that help men produce more testosterone – naturally.

Progene® continues to evolve and innovate. Progene® is the only supplement brand in the country with an At-Home Testosterone Test Kit. This provides men the opportunity to actually see for themselves what Progene® can do to help restore their Power, Performance & Passion®.

Progene® is currently sold nationwide at Rite Aid, GNC Stores, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco, Stop & Shop, Bi-Lo Winn-Dixie, USADrug,, Sears Marketplace, Harris Teeter Groceries, Brookshire’s Food & Drug,, Shopko, and 150 other local and regional retailers.

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