Houston Mold Inspector Responds to Recent Fox 26 News Story Uncovering the Rising Toxic Mold Problem

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With an estimated 70 percent of all homes having mold growth, the need for a routine mold inspection is abundantly clear, according to Mold Inspections of Houston.

A shocking story on Fox 26 Houston recently revealed the prevalent problem of toxic mold growth in homes across the Houston area (http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/25091638/2014/03/27/possible-danger-home). The news piece told the story of two women from the Houston area who have suffered serious health issues due to hidden mold growth in their homes. Chris Felan of Mold Inspections of Houston wasn’t surprised by the story. As a certified Houston mold inspector, he sees the dangers of hidden mold growth on a daily basis.

“Exposure to high levels of toxic mold can cause dozens of different serious health issues,” said Chris Felan, certified Houston mold inspector and president at Mold Inspections of Houston. “Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t even realize that their homes are filled with mold and making them sick. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional mold inspection conducted whenever you buy a new home, do any remodeling work, or just suspect that there may be mold issues.”

According to some estimates, about 70 percent of all homes have mold growing behind the walls (http://users.physics.harvard.edu/~wilson/soundscience/mold/gots1.html). Most homeowners don’t even realize it’s there, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. According to the CDC, mold exposure could cause a range of symptoms that include nasal congestion, eye irritation, wheezing, coughing, skin irritation, fever, shortness of breath, and even mold infections in the lungs. That’s why the team at Mold Inspections of Houston has just announced that it is now offering residential mold inspections to the entire Houston area.

According to the EPA, mold growth in the home occurs when mold spores land on wet surfaces. Often times this occurs behind walls and in other hidden areas where an undetected water leak is creating an ideal breeding ground for mold to grow and spread.

“An undetected roof leak or plumbing leak creates the perfect environment for a mold infestation,” said Felan. “The continuous supply of water gives mold spores the help they need to thrive and spread throughout the house. Again, this can lead to serious health issues, and of course, it can cause costly damage to your house.”

Felan’s company, Mold Inspections of Houston, conducts complete residential mold inspections for clients across the greater Houston area. His team of certified mold inspectors has been conducting mold inspections in Houston for years.

“Our mold testing process is very thorough and accurate. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve earned an outstanding reputation, so you can bet that if there’s mold in your house, we’ll find it,” said Felan.

Felan also noted that unlike other companies that may have a vested interest in finding mold because they offer mold cleanup and mold remediation services, Mold Inspections of Houston only specializes in mold testing. Felan said, “We have no hidden incentive to find mold and push other costly services on to our customers. Our testing process is unbiased and precise. In the event that toxic mold is discovered, we’ll gladly educate our customers on how to take the next step to remedy the problem.”

For more information, visit http://www.MoldInspectionHouston.com.

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Mold Inspections of Houston offers professional mold inspection services to Houston and the surrounding area. Commercial and residential customers can enjoy peace of mind that comes with identifying and solving dangerous mold problems with the help of the certified inspectors and professional mold testing at Mold Inspections of Houston. For more information, visit http://www.MoldInspectionHouston.com.

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