UFirstMoving Changing the Moving Industry by Offering Name Your Price

UFirstMoving.com now offers "name your price" moving. We know every budget is different so can cater to our customer needs. This is all part of putting U First!

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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

UFirstMoving, an international moving and LTL freight company, is set on changing the moving industry. The company which was recently purchased by Andrew Bracken from Denver, Colorado plans on setting the pace with a "name your price" offer.

The company offers flexible pricing models that no other moving or transport company can compete with. They pride themselves on being able to customize their structure based on individual circumstances. UFirstMoving keeps their overhead low by efficiently planning routes and forecasting time which allows them to pass on the cost savings to the customer. It's an outstanding business model that will surely change the tide of the moving industry. More detail about the price can be seen at http://www.ufirstmoving.com.

Andrew, a successful entrepreneur for the past five years, has taken pride in growing multiple businesses with a customer focused appeal. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, operating in the continental United States, anticipated growth in 2014 will exceed 100% market growth and expected forecast of $10 million dollars in revenue.

Andrew has recently sold ownership in online based retail companies and international online casinos. As Andrew identifies gaps within specific market areas such as moving and logistics, he drives to exploit them to change the consumer experience.

Andrew has often times been mentioned as a business savant with an exceptional focus on consumer reliability and trust. His first company earned more than $7 million in gross revenue in the first two years of operation. Operating in more than 100 countries, he has the experience to drive growth in a competitive market place. After that he continues to mold and change multiple industries to better perform the competition.

Andrew states numerous times, "Every industry can be an Amazon." What he refers to is that a lowest cost solution drives consumer commitment and exceptional long term growth potential.

With Andrew's experience driving UFirst Moving, anyone can be assured http://www.ufirstmoving.com will be strategically positioned for consumer awareness and interest. Feel free to call the UFirst team when needing assistance with domestic freight or personal moving needs.