InspX Summarizes The Benefits Of X-Ray Inspection Technology Over Metal Detectors

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X-Ray Systems Offer Superior Foreign Material Detection Capability Over Metal Detectors

Metal detectors have long been used in food and beverage applications for the detection of metal contaminants. However, in many applications metal detectors have limitations that make X-Ray inspection a better choice. For example, X-Ray systems can inspect a much broader range of container types. X-Ray systems can also detect a much broader range of foreign material than a metal detector. Finally, InspX ScanTrac X-Ray systems offer additional features such as accurate fill-level and checkweighing functions that are absent on metal detectors.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of X-Ray inspection systems over metal detectors is the ability to inspect any type of container. Metal cans, containers with metal lids, plastic containers with metalized foil seals and metalized foil bags simply cannot be inspected with a metal detector but these containers are easily inspected with X-Ray technology. Furthermore, such metal elements of the container have no impact on the X-Ray inspection process (i.e. ScanTrac X-Ray inspection machines can find the same sized foreign material contaminants in a plastic container with a plastic lid as the same container with a metalized foil lid).

X-Ray inspection systems generally offer better detection of a wide range of metal contaminants than metal detectors but there are important differences that need to be understood. Aluminum, for example is easily found by a metal detector but because aluminum has a lower density than most metals, the minimum size of aluminum detectable by an X-Ray system is usually larger than for most metals. X-Ray systems can also find a host of contaminants that are invisible to metal detectors including: glass, rubber, denser plastics, stones and much more.

The accuracy of an X-Ray system for foreign material detection is also completely independent from the environment of the container. For example, while product temperature can impact the accuracy of metal detectors, temperature has no impact on X-Ray technology.

Finally X-Ray systems provide additional functions that metal detectors can’t. InspX X-Ray inspection systems are available with fill-level monitoring and check weighing software – note that checkweighing can even be done on part of a product to validate sufficient presence of a sub component.

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