What Does It Take for Boomers to Be Happy – New Ebook Answers Tough Questions for Life Choices after 50

Consultants, Bonnie Michaels and Allison Blankenship, believe boomers face difficult choices to structure a happy life after 50. Based on research, case studies and their many professional and personal experiences, their new eBook, The Happy App: A Process for Boomer Bliss, provides a process for creating happiness no matter what unexpected changes occur in baby boomers lives.

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Naples, Florida (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

Baby Boomers face unique challenges from other generations. Many are “sandwiched” between boomerang adult children while also caring for elderly parents. Boomers have one of the highest divorce rates with 1 in 4 of all divorces being a “grey divorce,” or over the age of 50. Many other Boomers will not have enough money to live on during retirement. According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI), almost half of the 76 million baby boomers will run out of money within 10-20 years of retirement. And this is not expendable income, its money for rent, food, transportation or medication.

By the end of 2014, every baby boomer will turn 50. In one AARP survey, nearly 70% reported they intend to work past the traditional retirement age of 65. “Everyone I know is terrified of outliving their money," says AARP’s expert Kerry Hannon.

The Happy App process outlines a series of strategies to help readers reboot, reorganize, retool and reinvent life to achieve boomer bliss. Boomers learn how to incorporate professional skills and unique talents to their advantage. Exercises and questions help them to explore a “new operating system,” “spam proof” their financial future, and breakthrough their “firewalls” of changing living situations. Most importantly, The Happy App walks them through the realities of the New Normal 2.0 and how to live with it. Readers also discover how to rebuild their lives through a community of support for future success. The Happy App addresses important aspects of their life – seize a second life career, make loss the “Motherboard” for success and reinvent their American dream. Bonnie and Allison believe that bliss is possible throughout all stages of one's life.

In order to live a happy life, the authors encourage Boomers to revise their expectations of retirement, explore new careers and reimagine their “American Dream.” Because Blankenship and Michaels are professional development trainers, they structured the eBook to be a hands-on workbook with exercises to guide readers through the happiness process.

Their work as global consultants and experts in transitions, happiness, work-life balance and conflict resolution brings depth of knowledge and practical applications to this eBook.



Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels

Consultants, authors, speakers

The Happy App:  A Process for Boomer Bliss The Happy App: A Process for Boomer Bliss

Ebook for Baby Boomers (free download April 4 & 5,http://lnkd.in/bnJzN3n)