New Products Offered by Retailers Benefit From Impartial Mystery Shop Program To Check A Successful Launch

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When retailers offer new products or services, they must find an effective and unbiased method to test the public reaction to their new offerings. A customized mystery shopping program provided by Jancyn Evaluation Shops, which provides honest and neutral feedback, is the best mechanism to test and refine these products.

New Products Testing

The reporting provided by a mystery shopper will allow businesses to refine what they are offering and provide the best new products to the public.

With the advent of spring, many businesses are starting to roll out a variety of new products and services. The new offerings run the gamut from fast food restaurants to cellular services. Taco Bell is now selling breakfast items and Subway now has new menu choices. Sears has started a new line of teen clothes inspired by “Seventeen” magazine and Ikea will offer house calls in order to provide design services.

In many cases, when new items and services are being offered to the public this occurs on a pilot program basis. Even though the items have been fully assessed in a laboratory or focus group scenario, nothing really tests a product like a dip into the pool of public opinion. The only way to do this is via the open market and allowing the masses to vote yay or nay.

States Vicki Dempsey, Vice President of Jancyn Evaluation Shops, “By using a mystery shopping program, wherein secret shopper feedback is objective and impartial, companies can get third party research on specific details of their new offerings. For instance, is the new combo meal being mentioned at the counter? Is the teen department decorated with mannequins to inspire? Is the home service representative on time and well prepared? The reporting provided by a mystery shopper will allow businesses to refine what they are offering and provide the best new products to the public.”

Additionally, the mystery shopping program can evolve over time and test only those components that are most important to the business owner. In many cases, this includes the efficacy of employee training. Once a new product has been launched, the onus for getting the public on board often falls in the hands of front-line clerks and sales associates. Employees need to suggestively sell these new products and do so with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

Dempsey goes on to say, “In tandem with thorough staff education on new products, smart businesses work with a mystery shopping company to gauge the efficacy of employee training. When asked the calorie count of a new food item or the washing instructions of a dress, employees need to be ready with an immediate response. Also, companies need to ensure that that the new products are being suggestively sold in a compelling and persuasive manner. A Jancyn mystery shopping program will test for all of these elements.”

As the in-store retail market continues to become increasingly competitive, new products are one way companies can remain fresh and relevant within their industry. This keeps customers interested and allows them to expand their brand. The best way to judge how this is being received in the intended manner is via a mystery shopping program that provides impartial and detailed feedback concerning their products and service.

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