Mesothelioma Victims Center Shares Recent Medical Update in the Treatment Of Mesothelioma to Give All Diagnosed Victims and Their Family Members Hope

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The Mesothelioma Victims Center is not only the most passionate advocate in the nation for the best possible compensation settlements for all diagnosed victims of mesothelioma, they are also a leader in providing treatment information for family members, and all diagnosed victims of this rare form of cancer. This week the Center comments and shares a recent video from the Mount Sinai hospital in New York that discusses new technologies for treating and diagnosing mesothelioma. http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

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In most instances the Center hears from family members on how the now diagnosed victim of mesothelioma was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, because of fluid buildup in the lungs

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "We just discovered an amazing video from the world renowned Mount Sinai hospital in New York city, that focuses on the progress made towards treating mesothelioma. What makes this video remarkable is the depth of new information provided for families of a diagnosed victim. The video comments on the lack of treatment options in the past, and comments on possible treatments that offer a promising picture for the future.

"The goal for this week is to provide new hope for all diagnosed victims and their family members. We are confident that this new resource is going to provide exactly that. All diagnosed victims, or family members acting on behalf of a victim, are encouraged to contact the Center at 866-714-6466 for more information and further explanation as to how this video will change lives."

The Mesothelioma Victims Center fears that because of the typical age of a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma is 70+ years old, and because the victim is already sick, their family fails to inform medical staff that the possible victim was exposed to asbestos at work. In most instances the Center hears from family members on how the now diagnosed victim of mesothelioma was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, because of fluid buildup in the lungs. It is rare that the Mesothelioma Victims Center hears from a family, or a diagnosed victim, that mentions how the doctors got a mesothelioma diagnosis right the first time.

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "If a family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma in its early stages we will do everything possible for the victim by providing them with instant information about the highest quality treatment facilities around the region of the victim. We also want family members of a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma to step up and call us at 866-714-6466 to make certain they have immediate access to the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys, who consistently get the best mesothelioma compensation settlements for their clients." http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

Information About Mesothelioma For Diagnosed Victims And Their Families From The Mesothelioma Victims Center:

According to the US Center For Disease Control, the average age for a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma is 72 years old. Frequently victims of mesothelioma are initially misdiagnosed with pneumonia. This year between 2,500 and 3,000 US citizens will be diagnosed with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is attributable to exposure to asbestos.

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos include: US Navy Veterans, shipyard workers, oil refinery workers, manufacturing workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, or construction workers. Typically the exposure to asbestos occurred during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and the 1980s. http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The states with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, West Virginia, Florida, Wyoming, and Washington. However, based on the calls the Mesothelioma Victims Center receives diagnosed victims could be in any state including California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, “Before you hire a mesothelioma attorney please call us at 866-714-6466, and compare the qualifications of who we consider to be the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys to any other lawyer, or law firm. When it comes to obtaining the best mesothelioma settlement, the quality of the attorney matters, as we would like to explain." http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For more information about a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos called mesothelioma, please visit the US Centers For Disease Control's web site:

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