Preparation Checklist for Hurricane Evacuation

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The names for the 2014 hurricanes have been released, even though some early predictions call for a quiet season, it is always good to be prepared. Below are a few key points and items that Comedy Driving Inc. has put into a before-storm checklist in preparation for this hurricane season.

The Vehicle
If meteorological predictions forecast a certain region to be within the path of a storm, the decision to evacuate or bunker down must be made immediately. For those who are forced to seek shelter within an automobile, here are some essential important steps to follow and supplies to keep on hand in this situation.

Primarily, reassure all fluids in the vehicle are at suggested operating levels. It is also a good idea to pack the unused portions of those fluids in the vehicle for further use if needed. Some of the fluids to check include; brake, transmission, radiator, and coolant. Remember to always refer to the owner’s manual for all checkable fluids and levels. Also remember to have a funnel and an extra gas can. Have new windshield wipers installed to have good visibility while driving. Furthermore, validate that both headlamps are working as well to maintain appropriate visibility. Comedy Driving, a Te xas defensive driving course, recommends any vehicle which has become in need of repair or inoperable should be immediately relocated away from traffic flow.

Next, prepare an emergency safety and repair kit. The kit should consist of these items, and feel free to add some additional items. A good set of booster cables, a flashlight with extra batteries preferably LED flashlights are recommended due to their ability to last longer, a multipurpose tool, emergency flares in case of a night time breakdown, and electrical tape for any electrical or connection problems.

The Passengers
After the essentials for keeping the vehicle running have been loaded, it is time to start thinking about those riding in the vehicle. Feel free to add other essentials as needed.

When packing for the family, try to think of the necessities needed while traveling to the destination, while there, and on the way back home. Remember to pack medication for everyone in the family including pets, mobile phone with wall and car charger cords, important phone number of other family members, non-perishable food like water and canned goods, and a first aid kit. Texas de fensive driving course, Comedy Driving, also recommends the driver only concentrate on driving and assign a passenger the duty of speaking on the phone if it is required.

The Home and the Route
Tell the neighbors of any plans of leaving. This way they are aware that the home will be vacant and leave them contact information in case of an emergency. Do not post plans to any social media. This will make others with ill tendency to invade privacy. Turn the natural-gas connection off and board up the home.

Check with family or friends that will be out of the storm’s path to see about staying with them. If not, then be aggressive with reserving hotel arrangements.

Moreover, it is best to have at least two evacuation routes to the destination of choice. It is also a good idea to have this route planned on a GPS enabled device as well as a traditional map, and to have couple detours planned out just in case. Also, it may be a good idea to leave town early if possible to avoid congestion on the road. Keep in mind that there may be an unusual number of vehicles evacuating as well.

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