The Future of Health-Care Technology; Enabling Doctors to Monitor Patient's Daily Health Status Entries; Appilicious Has Launched This Live System Calling It

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Appilicious App Development out of the tech hub of downtown Austin texas is providing innovative technology solutions for weight-loss physicians. The focus is on setting up doctors with the company's online secure monitoring system of a patient's daily App entries.

It is time that the static between doctor visits was eliminated. With a patients daily progress can be monitored 24/7. Then when a in office visit happens there is greater clarity between doctor and patient.

Today’s release marks the two-month launch of the exciting new feature exclusive to our company dubbed Dr2app. Appilicious App Development,out of the tech hub of downtown Austin Texas, is providing innovative technology solutions for weight-loss physicians. The focus is on setting up doctors with the company's online secure monitoring system of a patient's daily App entries.

Appilicious developed the first Dr. Simeons Diet App in 2009 for the iPhone and since then has updated the app many times over to make it the gold standard for tracking the niche diet. The company wanted to increase the scale of the operation and decided to target the physician assisted weight-loss market. The Dr2App brainchild was born out of one simple idea: give physicians and patients what they need to succeed together.

Appilicious invested in building the technology in response to a number of interconnected trends, including: 1) fewer people following the Dr. Simeons' diet protocol by themselves and more people going to physician-supervised clinics/doctor’s offices, 2) increased FDA restrictions on how non-physicians are allowed to purchase/sell the diet-required hormone, and 3) physicians’ demands for user-friendly but sophisticated apps to assist in their medical practices.

As major insurance companies have reduced subsidies and reimbursements, physicians are noticing drastic reductions in profits and, as a result, are forced to figure out how to do more with less. Doctors are searching for ways to bring new forms of cash-flow into their practices that do not involve large upfront fees (such as buying expensive machines or stockpiling costly perishable supplements). Because of the relatively low start-up cost of administering the Dr. Simeons protocol, doctors turned to this simple weight-loss solution. A program which has worked for hundreds of thousands of people and has even been touted on national TV by Dr. Oz as an effective way to fight obesity.

With more and more doctors advertising the diet locally and nationally, Appilicious moved forward with bridging the modern needs of doctors and patients. Today, any person with an Android or Apple smart phone/tablet can download the company’s diet app, thus Dr2App functionality has been built into the current version to reach the widest customer base. Dr2app is an included feature of the app, along with being a back-end website (and soon to be tablet app) designed for physicians.

Setting up the system is simple and fast. After any Appilicious partnered physician confirms his or her patient via the Dr2App portal, the doctor can monitor all of the data the patient enters in app. Important Information such as weight, measurements, water, glucose, blood pressure and planned food intake. Dr2app connectivity also allows the physician to plan meals for the patient and run reports by a variety of search criteria. The reports will show which patients have gained weight or hit a weight-loss plateau so the doctor can respond immediately. For instance, a physician can see that patient “x” has been on track with his or her weight-loss via the back-end system and then send an encouraging note or even send a reward special-offer to the physician’s med-spa. These notes are pushed directly to the patient’s app and appear on the patient’s in-app calendar and message mailbox. Because Dr2app is live, patients who become clients after they start the diet can still link with participating physicians.

Dr2App helps the physician stay aware of a patient’s needs around the clock. For the doctor this means: 1) better service to the patient (which often means higher referral clients,) 2) minimizing wasted in-office consultations going over common questions and weight-loss plateau diagnostics, and 3) increased revenue by enabling a large growth of in-patients by roughly 150-300 a year. The financial incentives are clear: a patient will pay anywhere from $700 to $1400 for one round of the protocol, which will typically help them loose 20-25 pounds in 30 days. As an added perk, all registered doctors will appear as participating Dr2app Physicians within the app. This drives potential new patients to the physician and adds global exposure.

Patients, on the other hand, have the security of knowing they are being monitored and that they have a direct, and efficient way to contact their physicians. The patient gets a life-time digital tool that enables them to successfully complete the protocol and maintain their success.

Appilicious is currently looking for weight-loss physicians to join this exciting new system. Appilicious’s goal is to work together with doctors to push Dr2App to be a nationwide standard on how to facilitate effective, low-cost day-to-day relationships with patients.

The company is also interested in investors who believe in expanding this technology to link family practice physicians and their patients.

Appilicious’s Diet App + DR2 is now available for $8.99 in the USA and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available for download to your Apple iPad or iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. Appilicious is committed to responding to customer feedback to keep up with the unique demands of the marketplace.

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