Acclaimed Author Rossana Condoleo Releases the Timely “For Single Parents: A Guide on Happiness and Love” to an Enthusiastic Reception

Single parents looking for helpful advice to help them live life to the fullest now have author Rossana Condoleo's new book “For Single Parents: A Guide on Happiness and Love” to help them along the way.

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(PRWEB) April 03, 2014

Being a single parent may not always be easy, but it can certainly be an experience packed with joy and love. And there's no better person than author Rossana Condoleo, who has experienced the ups and downs of single parenthood first hand, to present a guidebook on living life fully while on this path. Enter her new book, “For Single Parents: A Guide to Happiness and Love” which is all this and more.

“I wrote the book 'For Single Parents' because everybody deserves to be happy, but we single parents need to be much happier compared to individuals living in a family idyll. Don’t you agree,” commented Condoleo. “Important changes are not always the product of big fatigue and years of learning and preparation, especially when happiness is the target. I will help you make those small changes in your attitude, which will produce big visible and permanent results!”

Condoleo takes an approach to this issue that is part life coach, part friend and part artist. The focus being on regaining a vibrancy of life that can escape the single parent, who is always in danger of ignoring their own happiness and quest for love, while putting others needs and desires before their own.

This isn't the first time the author has opened up her heart on a difficult subject. Her previous work “Happy Divorce” has also touched hearts and won praise for her insight, warmth and “take action” attitude.

The early response to the recently published “For Single Parents” has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Christie Davis, a pro-blogger and single mother, said in a review, “This is truly a wonderful book. It's nice to know not only am I not alone in my experiences and the trials I've gone though, but there's a clear way to make it through with a smile on my face. I've taken Rossana's advice to heart and I'm applying it each and everyday. The results have been fantastic!”

“For Single Parents” has been released in three editions, on the Kindle, in a black and white print version and also in a print version with full color illustrations. The eye to detail behind the release is a refreshing change for an independently published book. Many other authors release their work in much more of a “one size fits all” fashion, but Condoleo wouldn't think of such a thing. Which fits right into the type of advice she has expertly delivered in the field of relationships and beyond.

The future is bright for Condoleo. Her work is bringing joy and happiness to those who want and need it the most and if that doesn't expand your profile as an author, truly nothing will.

“For Single Parents” shouldn't be skipped both by single parents or by retailers who carry books for this growing demographic.

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