ENC Valet Parking Offers Discount when Paying with Bitcoin

Paying in Bitcoin will now get ENC Valet customers a 3% discount. Use Bitcoin next time you need a valet service and enjoy the savings.

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Bitcoin Accepted here

Bitcoin Accepted here

So, we will be passing on the savings to the customer, from eliminating our credit card processing fees.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Digital currencies are a very new, disruptive technology. They will be changing many industries permanently and for the better. The biggest of these by market cap. as well as publicity, is Bitcoin.

One of Bitcoin's major upsides is the little to no transactions costs. Traditional credit card companies charge 2.25% to 3.00% +. Bitcoin can put this money back in the "pockets" of the businesses; or this savings can be passed on to the customer. With this ecosystem and technology still being in the nascent stages, a good amount of businesses accepting Bitcoin are assisting in mainstream adoption by passing this entire discount on to its customers.

In January of this year, ENC Valet Parking started offering its services for payment in Bitcoin. Now, the company is going one step further and offering an additional 3% off services if fully paid in Bitcoin. The owner commented on his decision to offer this discount, saying “First of all I’m a very big fan of Bitcoin the currency as well as bitcoin the protocol and the technology. It will succeed, its just a matter of time. I want to do anything I can to collectively help the ecosystem and the wider populous of the world engage Bitcoin and its numerous benefits that it offers. So, we will be passing on the savings to the customer, from eliminating our credit card processing fees.”

About ENC Valet:
ENC Valet is headquartered in Sacramento, California. ENC Valet services have been utilized throughout CA and parts of Nevada. Services include valet parking, parking management (surface lots and parking structures), traffic control, coat check attendants and Promotional Distribution. ENC Valet Parking has experience working with the secret service for political events, casino parking structures along with the associated valet policies, big sporting events consisting of 15,000+ fans, private events, hotels and night clubs.


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