World's Most Secure Online Storage Solution Launched by Your Digital File

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A Brisbane company, Your Digital File, has launched a revolutionary online storage solution that provides unmatched security for cloud-based computing.

Your Digital File – the brainchild of Brisbane entrepreneur and accountant Jamie Wilson – was launched today at after more than three years of detailed development withworld-leading online security experts.

Your Digital File brings never-before-seen technology to the race to offer the most secure online storage and document trading system.

Your Digital File, which has featured in media outlets such as The Australian and The Courier-Mailduring its beta-testing phase, provides an unmatched level of security for the online storage of confidential documents.

Your Digital File’s Cryptoloc™ technology, which has an international patent application in place, is more advanced than other cloud security solutions.

“The feedback from our testing phase and from talking to corporate markets has been overwhelming,” YDF founder Jamie Wilson said.

“Your Digital File’s wall of security provides new options for industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications and financial planning – virtually any industry that needs to store documents securely, confidentially and with complete audit trails.

“Your Digital File also provides a new, unmatched storage option for Bitcoins and assists the likes of telcos in dealing with the changes to privacy laws announced earlier this month.”

The background:
Jamie Wilson’s vision for a single secure online solution for confidential files was motivated by the sudden death of his father. Like many grieving children, Jamie had to locate and bring together all of his father’s important documents. This proved extremely difficult, prompting Jamie to seek the world’s best security experts to create a single source of confidential documents in an impenetrable online location. This became Your Digital File. The product has been three years in the making.

The product:
Your Digital File’s security, with its unique Cryptoloc™ technology is more advanced than other cloud solutions. Cryptoloc™, Your Digital File’s encryption algorithm, provides an extra layer of security to improve the way files are normally protected online. Your Digital File is the only way to securely store, edit, share and legally sign confidential documents online such as contracts, wills, trust deeds, share portfolios, property, equipment and vehicle leases, insurance policies, tax returns, power of attorney documents, wills, funeral plans and family photos, passwords and letters.

The technology:
Your Digital File provides a revolutionary layer of protection called Cryptoloc™. Access requires more than a password. It’s all about encryption. Everything clients save in Your Digital File is automatically scrambled, so the files can’t be opened and read without a password-protected digital private key that is generated and saved to the client’s computer when they sign up to Your Digital File. The private key, to be kept safe by clients, unlocks and decrypts the scrambled files. Clients access their files from the device on which they joined Your Digital File. The service is also portable – clients can download their private key on to a USB stick.

What is truly unique about Cryptoloc™ is that it achieves confidentiality and non-repudiation requirements without compromising availability – most schemes favour one aspect of security at the expense of another. The Cryptoloc™ technology describes methods that allow the use of public key cryptography to protect the document from others (including the Your Digital File service itself) yet provides secure means to share documents and manage corporate file collections. Documents such as wills can be released to nominated people on defined events. Importantly the system has a mechanism that allows files to be recovered if the private security key is lost.

The guarantees:
Your Digital File delivers to corporate and individual clients:
Identity fraud elimination – Digital signatures are based on 100-point proof of identity.
Document Integrity- A complete audit trail or record of every time a document is changed, sent, received or signed.
Complete confidentiality – Documents cannot be accessed without the client’s authority. Your Digital File cannot see the documents.
Sharing with confidence – Clients choose who can view their documents.
The ability to auto-share – Clients can arrange to give certain people when a trigger event occurs
Versatility – Your Digital File is compatible with all Java-enabled browsers
Non-repudiation of documents – Clients are assured that all documents are legally time and date stamped when received, opened and digitally signed.
Availability – Clients can recover files if they lose their private key through YDF’s unique account recovery mechanism

Quotes from Jamie Wilson:
“Your Digital File addresses a void in the online world – the ability to store documents behind anever-before-seen wall of security. With some other providers, you need only a password to recover documents. Your Digital File provides security well beyond that.”

“Our Cryptoloc™ technology uses strong and proven public key cryptography algorithms to protect the confidentiality and authenticity of documents. The algorithms used comply with the Australian Government’s Signals Directorate standards for cryptographic algorithms and protocols and the legal requirements for valid electronic signatures. Cryptoloc does this in a manner that is easy to use and manage. And it’s affordable.”

“We’ve worked for more than three years to design this technology and it’s all Australian work. Our data servers are also housed in Australia. We’re now proud to official launch Your Digital File. We have an international patent application in place.”

Website: For more information, contact Michael Crutcher, 55 comms: 0417 798 794 or (07) 3041 1115. email: michael(at)55comms(dot)com(dot)au.

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