Tiger Woods Isn’t the Only One Who Suffers from Back Spasms Caused by Fascia, Says Fasciologist Ashley Black

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News reports state that Tiger Woods withdrew from the Honda Classic last month due to back pain caused by tight fascia. Ashley Black, who has worked as a fasciologist to the stars for the last 14 years, explains this often misunderstood health issue and offers a solution for others who may be suffering from tight fascia.

Ashley Black, Founder of Fasciology

Ken Crenshaw, Head Trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks says Black's fascia tool is "widely popular with it's Major League Baseball players for the treatment of fascia"

Back pain is one of the most elusive health issues, and it often leaves pro-athletes without answers or solutions. Unfortunately, according to Ashley Black, back pain is just as prevalent among regular Joes as it is among celebrities and athletes. Tight fascia is one of the primary causes of back pain, such as sciatica, disc problems, and back spasms, yet most of the population has never even heard of it. Thanks to recent headlines about Tiger Woods’ troubles with tight fascia, more people are being introduced to this problem and wondering about the treatments that are available.

Black, the founder of Fasciology, states, “The traditional education system for health and fitness does not stress the anatomy of fascia or how to treat it in-depth." Black believes that symptoms of back pain, even for athletes at the highest level, can be lessened or eliminated with a fascia treatment regime, including the use of her fascia tool The Lump Buster.

“Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the body. It’s as important as blood, nerves or skin, yet it is the least studied. I haven’t yet had a client who was familiar with the impact fascia has on their health and well-being, and the people I work with have the means and access to get any information they want,” states Black.

She goes on to explain that fascia literally connects humans through and around every structure of the body, from head to toe, hand to hand, and inside and out. This means that the body can be twisted, pulled, compressed and contorted into any position that fascia takes it. Because fascia crosses joints, this means that it can impact the joints, including the important individual segments of the spine.

In an article published by golfchannel.com on March 5th, Tiger Woods reportedly stated that his back “wouldn’t loosen up.” The lines of fascia that run through the spine can come from the bottoms of the feet through the lower back, and up to the head. Fascia also crisscrosses from the shoulders and through the low back to the buttocks. Black explains, “If you're only addressing an isolated area, such as the low back, you might be missing the root cause of where fascia is actually tight. This is part of the reason back pain lingers, because the root cause might be tight fascia of the hamstrings or upper back. Many people who don't understand how fascia works suffer chronic pain.”

Early in her career, Black became so frustrated with the lack of knowledge among the masses about fascia that she began to create programs and products for clients to use for self-treatment. She first used her revolutionary fascia tool, The Lump Buster, with her personal clients. The results were so significant that her clients could maintain and improve their fascia health between visits. Head trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Ken Crenshaw, validates Ashley's results by saying that The Lump Buster was widely popular with MLB players “because it is effective for the treatment of fascia and compliments the pro athlete treatment programs.” Black began mass-producing the Lump Buster, and she is now introducing it to the public for the first time.

About Ashley Black
Ashley Black is the founder of fasciology, and a renowned expert on the subject. After a flesh eating bone disease left Ashley Black disabled, she healed herself using self-treatments, and has devoted a 14+ year career to the study of Fasciology. Her client base has traditionally included celebrities, billionaires, and professional athletes, and she has since created programs and treatments that can be used by anyone suffering from back pain or tight fascia. Her invention, the Lump Buster, is an effective way to treat many common health issues such as pinched nerves, migraines, plantars fascilitis, arthritis, tendonitis, shin splints, carpal tunnel, cellulite, shoulder pain, sports performance, posture, flexibility, stress, sleep problems, strained muscles, entrapped fat, inflammation, and tennis elbow. Her website contains interesting and informative content from the fascia perspective pertaining to virtually any topic concerning the human body. Dr. Vassau Roa, Head of Interventional Radiology for a major hospital system, says, "Ashley Black's knowledge of anatomy is what separates her from all the rest.”

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