Michio Kaku Susggests Beaming Our Brains Into Space Posted on TechAcute by First Class Posting

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The futurist, a colleague of Stephen Hawking, is one of the sharpest and most imaginative minds in the field today, and it’s easy to burn through hour after hour listening to interviews and lectures from the man.

The following is a new post issued by TechAcute on behalf of First Class Posting. The following are excerpts:

"The benefits of traveling like this are, of course, self-evident: a being of pure light does not have to worry about oxygen, water, climate, temperature and physical threats. A human being needs to suit up in a spacesuit, they can’t stay out for too long or they may run out of food and other resources. A being of pure light can zip past just about everything but a black hole, and find a home in a surrogate body light years away," said Amy Taylor with First Class Posting.

Amy Taylor continues: "What stands in the way of this technology? We simply don’t have the capability to store a brain on a CD just yet. Once we can copy a brain down into a disc, we can send the data from relay station to relay station to inhabit robotic bodies during their stay in other star systems."

“Not long ago, Barack Obama announced the allocation of millions of dollars to the ‘Brain Project,’” said entrepreneur Jason Hope “which could be integral in getting us to the future teased by visionaries like Michio Kaku.”

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