Self Healing Materials: The Next Step For The Smartphone Posted on DomainBroadcasting by First Class Posting

Late last year, techies went nuts over an LG case that could actually heal itself up like new after a knife attack.

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(PRWEB) April 01, 2014

The following is a new post issued by DomainBroadcasting on behalf of First Class Posting. The following are excerpts:

"In the computer printer industry, it’s common practice to actually build ink cartridges to stop working at a certain point, even if there’s nothing actually wrong with them and they’re full of ink. The smartphone market is a little different. Apple doesn’t seem interested in producing a phone that’s planned to break down after a certain amount of use. Given how market and media-savvy Apple’s typical user is, word that the new iPhone breaks down after a year would spread like wildfire (even if their operating systems arguably suffer from planned obsolescence). Smartphones are the new cars, status symbols that serve a practical function. Users want a phone that’s built to last, and maintaining a lead in the competitive market means giving them just that, so Apple, Samsung, Sony and everyone else throwing their hat into the ring has it in their best interests to produce a phone that lasts as long as possible. This means not only making it easy to update the software, but making sure that the phone will physically last, as well," said Amy Taylor with First Class Posting.

Amy Taylor continues: "In other words, we have something of an arms race here. LG is pushing new boundaries with its self-healing casing and self-healing battery concepts while the next iPhone may well have that fabled self-healing screen. Many smartphone users swear by the brand that they carry in their pocket right now, but others would gladly jump to the other side of the fence if someone were to promise a phone that will always pop back into shape no matter how many times you sit on it."

“Smartphone users are frequently loyal to their favorite brand,” said technology entrepreneur Jason Hope “but when you bring truly next-level tech into any field, it’s not hard to take a big bite out of the competition’s market share.”

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