Bitcoin Superfund the World’s First Actively Traded Fund to Launch in London 2014

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The Bitcoin Superfund is the world’s first actively traded fund for professional investors. It's focus is on providing risk management and high levels of security.

We see bitcoin as a super asset it has features of both a currency and a commodity, it's useful both as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

London is heating-up as the premier global Bitcoin and Fintech destination, with the combination of a stable and forward looking regulatory environment and a concentration of global banking services it’s poised to take the lead internationally.

The Bitcoin Superfund is the world’s first actively traded fund for professional investors. Driving the launch of the fund is an increasing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class, together with explosive growth and consumer adoption. With each new participant the long-term success of the currency grows ever more likely. Increasingly heavyweight technologists and VC firms are looking to get onboard with the bullish trend.

While the fund’s primary audience will be sophisticated institutional investors, they also see this widening as the price of Bitcoin starts to stabilise and appreciation slows. Early Bitcoin investors are going to be looking to make gains on the ongoing volatility of the asset and a highly experienced trading fund management team will be appealing for both the stellar performance and security.

“We see Bitcoin as one of the first super assets it has features of both a currency and a commodity because it's useful both as a medium of exchange and a store of value,” Greg Jarrett, CEO.

The fund is calling their strategy A+A as it is positioned to enjoy gains from both appreciation as well as capture alpha through the trading activity.

The fund is also going to help investors who are looking for a safe place to hold their bitcoin, particularly with the recent failures of high profile exchanges. The Bitcoin Superfund is building robust enterprise grade multi-tiered security including fully insured cold-wallets, multi-signatory access and other proprietary security measures.

The fund has two key pillars; security, and compliance. On the compliance front the fund will be fully regulated, FCA approved and meet all KYC and AML requirements, this together with security that is unmatched in the market will make it an attractive proposition for investors. In addition to all this they have a proprietary trading strategy and are signing unique contractual agreements that will minimise counter-party risk.

Presently there are two competing funds in the market with a simple buy and hold strategy rather than active trading.

In back tests the Bicoin Superfunds performance outdoes pure appreciation of BTC effectively across the last 2 years.

31 Dec 2012 - 28 Feb 2014
4,068% - Bitcoin Appreciation
6,818% - Bitcoin Superfund (A+A trading strategy)

The founders of the fund are true Bitcoin believers and are excited about the dawn of a new era. Greg Jarrett CEO of the Bitcoin Superfund echoes the sentiments of leading technologists like Marc Andreessen.

“Bitcoin is the most exciting technological invention in history, it’s a democratic replacement for a centuries old system of value exchange. We are standing on the event horizon of a major shift in the socio-economic landscape. The changes and shifts in power draw parallels with some of the greatest revolutions in history and it’s fascinating to be a part of it”

While the fund is a profit seeking enterprise it will also sees itself as a valuable service provider of the fledgling currency. The Bitcoin Superfund, while further legitimising Bitcoin in dealing with institutional investors, will also improve liquidity and add substantial depth to the exchanges and other market participants.

The fund expects to be a major market maker and a price moderator removing some of the volatility from the asset making it more useful as a currency and increasing long-term appreciation.

The net effect will be a greater acceptance and ongoing adoption of the currency as its price becomes more predictable and stable.

“We believe this will become a virtuous circle. While we are excited about our business we are equally exited about becoming an integral part of the bitcoin ecosystem. We see ourselves as the heart that will push liquidity through the entire bitcoin market supporting everyone,” says Greg Jarrett.

To find out more about joining the launch fund interested persons are recommended to register on the website for more details.

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