An Elegant New Experience Built On Adobe Primetime

You.i built one beautiful experience on iOS & Android and integrated it with Adobe Primetime in only three weeks, using just two developers. It must be seen to be believed.

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Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Today at the NAB Show, You.i demonstrated integration with Adobe Primetime in an immersive tablet experience unlike anything on the market. See it here:

Two team members built the project in only three weeks on both iOS and Android, and integrated it with Adobe Primetime and running live CMS data.

How’d they do it? You.i Design crafted the motion interface in Adobe After Effects CC. Those design files were then exported into You.i Engine and rendered exactly as designed (in one code base) so that iOS and Android could be developed simultaneously. And, because You.i Engine features automatic responsive layout, the experience adapts to screens of any size.

“You.i Engine is the most compelling way to push the envelope on user experience without sacrificing performance or project timelines” said Jason Flick, You.i’s CEO “Pre-integration with Adobe Primetime accelerates that time to market story for our customers”.

About You.i
A team of engineers and designers set on one objective: Equip the world to build beautiful experiences on any screen. You.i Engine plugs into the tools designers use every day, rendering their designs in one codebase that runs fast on any screen. You.i Design are a team of designers crafting experiences arm-in-arm with GPU engineers to run on You.i Engine and squeeze every drop of performance out of customer hardware.

Matthew Nelson, Director Marketing


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