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MediaClone, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the SuperImager™ Rugged (SI) 12-inch unit, a Computer Forensic Field Acquisition & Analysis platform which is a very useful tool for computer forensic field investigators to acquire digital data very fast.

The SuperImager™ is compact, rugged and portable unit, achieving data acquisition speeds over 30GB/min and with ability to preforms a high speed hashing and encryption computation on the fly. It equipped with four SAS/SATA native ports and four USB3.0 native ports which can be used to connect various combinations of storage devices, with different interfaces.

The unit support many kinds of digital media:
Form factors: 2.5”, 1.8”, and 3.5”.
Technologies: SSD, USB, or Hard Disk Drives.
Interfaces SAS, SATA, IDE, USB, Micro-SATA, Mini-SATA and few other flash memories.

The unit with a fast 5Gigabit/sec USB3.0 ports allows user to attach a 12TB portable storage device, and enables the user to store direct on the device many field’s captured forensic images, which can be easily transferred to a network, for a sharing among a few investigators.

A users can chose to “run” multiple parallel operations, Capture (DD, E01/Ex01), Hash (SHA-1, SHA-2), and Drive Erase (DOD and Secure Erase). The application is designed to work with 12-inch LCD and a touch screen, and it is user friendly. The units also includes support for saving forensic images direct to a network folder via 1Gigabit Ethernet connection, acquiring data from an iSCSI drive on the network or attached to the network.

Secure data previewing of the “Suspect” hard drives can be done in-place, while the hard drive is connected to the unit.

A recent test results shows that the time it takes to complete simultaneous data capture operation from two hard disk drives on the SI unit is almost the same time it takes to complete data capture from one hard disk drive, which makes the SI unit a cost effective tool.

The parallel and hyper-treading operation which is the heart of the unit extend it capabilities to perform a simultaneously Drive Erase on 4 hard disk drives or preform Hash calculation on 8 hard disk drives with the use of add on adapters.

The unit's hardware is a PC base, built with a high end components, and using the latest Intel i5 4th generation technology. It can be used as a platform to load and use a third party applications like: Cell Phone Acquisition tools, Forensic analysis software, Triage application, and more.

The unit is assembled and tested in the USA.

“We do understand the need for a reliable product and we put a lot of emphasis on quality rather than cost, for example some of the components that we used are military grade,” says Ezra Kohavi, President and CEO of MediaClone, Inc. “Our philosophy in designing our product is to give the user maximum features and flexibility, with the maximum ease of use.”

For more information please visit us at: http://www.media-clone.com

About MediaClone, Inc.
Established in 2013, and founded by few partners with extensive experience in the computer forensics industry; They have played a key role in the development of many innovative products that most people in the computer forensic industry are familiar with.

MediaClone, Inc. has the vision, the knowledge and the ability to execute quickly: creating interesting and useful products that will become a standard in the computer forensic industry.

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