Moms and Dads Raise Kids On Front Lines Of Wall Street Protests

In the new documentary film, Parents of the Revolution, a group of activist parents bring their kids to some of the most intense protest rallies New York City has ever seen. Are they heroes who are teaching their kids to be civically minded or child abusers who use their children as human shields?

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New York City, New York (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

In a time when most parents are too terrified to let their children out of their homes, a group of activist moms and dads pack diaper bags, sippy cups and stroll their kids into protests that often involve police in riot gear.

Filmed during the rise and fall of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the documentary, Parents of the Revolution, profiles these parents as they strive to create a hopeful future for their children while struggling against being branded as child abusers as well as the threat of child services taking their kids away.

Parents of the Revolution poses many questions relating to parenting, one’s relationship with authority and what is the most responsible way to be bringing up one’s kids. Depending on the viewpoint, these activist parents are either heroes who are bringing up their kids to be free thinkers or selfish agitators who are brainwashing their children and putting them in harm's way.

“Parenting is a dictatorship,” one parent in the film explains. “Do you bring your kids to church? Are you a Mets fan? You’re forcing your views on your kids.”

Parents of the Revolution challenges people to reflect on not only their own parenting styles but on the values their own parents instilled in them and how that has shaped their role as citizens.

“We have been beaten into submission to believe that the only thing to do as citizens in our country is to vote every four years for the 'right candidate' and anything beyond that is crazy. That's not the message I want my kids to have,” says one of the activist group’s dads.

Parents of the Revolution will be released on DVD beginning on May 15th and is available for pre-order from

Director Dana H. Glazer and the parent subjects of the film are available for interviews.

To view the film’s trailer:

Contact: Jenn Hallam – Outreach Liaison
Parents of the Revolution, LLC



Shea Territo is comforted by her mother at an NYC protest. Shea Territo is comforted by her mother at an NYC protest.

Image courtesy of Parents of the Revolution, LLC.