Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd. Announces Release of jBilling Telco Edition 3.3

jBilling Telco Edition 3.3 introduces many new Telecom features to improve the billing process for both new and existing customers.

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Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing, today released version 3.3 of jBilling Telco Edition.

jBilling 3.3 Telco Edition comes with the addition of many new features including: Discounts, Time Capsule, Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration, Dynamic Tabs, Diameter AAA Protocol, and Distributed Mediation Processing.

“At jBilling, we work very hard on expanding the capabilities of our software to stay on top of the ever evolving billing industry,” says Emiliano Conde, Founder & President of Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.. “These new features will help to improve the billing process for both our existing and new customers in many significant ways.”

jBilling Telco Edition 3.3 New Features

Discounts Module. Users can create discounts that can be applied to any combinations of products on a purchase order. Discounts can be configured as amounts or percentages, and as one-time, time-limited or anytime values.

Time Capsule. In jBilling 3.3, this feature records and displays incremental changes made to customer accounts, products, plans, orders and invoices. Users can view those changes, by date and time, down to the minute.

Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration. This feature, which replaces the existing Ageing feature, allows customers to create as many steps as a company requires, name each with the company’s terminology, and control notifications, payment attempts and account suspension as desired for each one.

Dynamic Tabs. Using the ‘My Account’ menu in account settings, users can control or set the jBilling tabs in order of preference. If a user does not want to see a tab, or is not permitted to see a tab, it will not be visible in the UI.

Diameter AAA Protocol. Diameter Protocol is an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol for computer networks. Evolved from Radius, Diameter Protocol is integrated with jBilling to support extensive pre-paid balance scenarios.

Distributed Mediation Processing. Distributed processing, also known as parallel processing, provides customers with the ability to distribute and balance their jBilling processing, delivering higher throughput when processing Hadoop CDR data.

For information on jBilling Telco Edition and the latest release, contact sales(at)jbilling(dot)com, or visit our website, http://www.jbilling.com.

About Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd
Enterprise jBIlling Software Ltd, an AppDirect Company, is a global player with consultants on four continents. It is a mature and rapidly evolving open source system. It delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including: Telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and Media.