Smart Cards Are Not the Solution to Identity Theft; The Resolution is Verifiable Identity Authentication says SaaS Software, Inc. (SSi)

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Company Building Preemptive Impregnable Solution in Partnership with Identity and Security Fraud Experts

'More than credit card abuse, the root security issue we are confronting both as a nation and worldwide is identity theft,' said Thomas L. Hill, EDS/HP Fellow Emeritus. 'The Identity Authentication System is designed to be flawless in validation process.'

SaaS Software, Inc. (SSi), announces The Identity Authentication System as the only verifiable solution to the global epidemic of identity theft. This introduction challenges the credit card industry's current priority on pursuing smart card technology, which despite proven inadequacies and limitations, is being advocated as the inadequate answer to the growing and pervasive dilemma.

“If Smart Cards weren’t good enough for the U.S. Department of Defense to secure their facilities, why do we think the consumer would be any better protected?” asks George Gundling, CEO of SSi, a leading developer of custom application development and mobile software applications. SSi is currently developing the system in partnership with identity and security fraud experts.

The Identity Authentication System links a unique identifying PIN to the established, nationally-used social security number (SSN) that then verifies biological body characteristics with an algorithm authenticating the identity of the respective individual - and only that individual. This design is preemptive, foolproof and impregnable.

The much touted Smart Card, (credit/debit cards embedded with a smart chip), attempts to resolve credit card abuse. It is ultimately inadequate. Evidence has proved that Smart Cards can be hacked or duplicated.

"After 9/11, the DoD implemented the common access card (CAC) to serve as the Federal Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card in response to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 to control access to DoD facilities world-wide," said Cliff Hudson, former Chairman of the DoD Physical Security Equipment Action Group. "CACs are chip-based smart cards and have proven to be vulnerable to attack vectors including visual counterfeiting, skimming, sniffing, social engineering, and electronic cloning.”

"Only solutions with biometric validators and an impenetrable authentication system prove to be foolproof," Hudson continued. "Similarly, the Identity Authentication System and the biometric verification being built by SSi and their identity fraud subject matter experts will also overcome the inherent weaknesses of "smart" credit cards and provide a level of protection never before demonstrated."

"More than credit card abuse, the root security issue we are confronting both as a nation and worldwide is identity theft," said Thomas L. Hill, EDS/HP Fellow Emeritus. "Currently, it is extremely difficult to tie a key identifying number, such as a social security number, to a specific human body. Therefore, it is imperative to have an authentication system and certification process that will validate the authenticity of an individual with their corresponding identification numbers and related accounts."

"This breakthrough Identity Authentication System is designed to be both flawless in its validation process and possess punitive, failsafe measures if the system is challenged or attacked," added Hill.

The Identity Authentication System has three primary components:

(1)    Methodology: Uses discovered algorithms and procedures to uniquely authenticate a citizen/human using the social security number, date of birth, and digital photo; to establish a main file that is uniquely each individual’s;

(2)    Biometrics: leverages the leading, most efficacious biometric data points for identity validation; and,

(3)    Pre-emptive versus reactive capabilities: Prevents a fraudulent transaction from occurring rather than reacting to one; through an information technology (IT) process and counter-reverse-fix procedure, the system addresses any attempt to use compromised data information and includes punitive law enforcement measures.

George T. Gundling, Chief Executive Officer, SaaS Software, Inc. asserted:

"SSi's expertise in designing, developing and supporting large-scale, secure systems for industries, such as telecom and healthcare, is unparalleled. For example, we built an application for an organization in the telecom industry that manages almost a billion transactions per day. In addition, SSi designed and implemented a secure healthcare application that is used by more than one in ten hospitals in the U.S. that by the very nature of the industry must be highly secure to protect confidential and patient information."

With the requirements definition, architecture, design and coding well underway, the initial roll-out of the Identity Authentication System is anticipated in early 2015.

About SaaS Software Inc.

Founded in 1999, SaaS Software, Inc. is a privately held Texas Corporation headquartered in Dallas, TX. SaaS Software, Inc., (SSi) consistently delivers proven profit-driving IT solutions “Powered by SSi™” enabling its clients to drive new revenue, gain competitive advantage and capitalize on business opportunities. In 2008, George Gundling, former PepsiCo and Frito-Lay senior technology executive, assumed leadership as President and CEO. SSi develops and supports custom business solutions and commercial web-based and mobile software applications for companies in the healthcare, telecommunications and mobile, transportation, financial services, and consumer products industries.

To learn more about SSi, visit: or contact Andrew Szabo, Chief Marketing Officer, SSi, aszabo(at)poweredbyssi(dot)com; 972-740-2037.

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