SWIG MEDIA Announces ‘Game Changing’ e-Distribution Solution

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A suite of groundbreaking technologies created by SWIG MEDIA has changed fundamental aspects of distribution, which to date have merely been migrated from analog to digital. SWIG MEDIA has embraced the seismic potential for media distribution made possible by the seamless integration of innovative digital media manipulations and advances in Big Data technologies.

Dr.Schubert noted that the ‘VPI DISTRIBUTION ECO-SYSTEM’ is the first and only online video platform which eliminates the need to upload the content to a third party server, the need for transcoding, and the need for a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

SWIG MEDIA announced the world’s first distribution solution which eliminates one of the greatest piracy risks, along with many of the most time-consuming and costly tasks that have been fundamental to distribution since the inception of films over 100 years ago. "The digital revolution has already had a significant impact on entertainment and distribution, with advances primarily spearheaded by major equipment manufacturers, whose primary interest is to promote their own products, and by software companies with narrower focus on some component of the e-distribution process, such as encoding, compression, transcoding, and media players," stated Ivan Gulas, CEO of SWIG MEDIA.

"In contrast, SWIG MEDIA's product development agenda has been driven exclusively by elements most important to content creators, distributors and the end-users, irrespective of the playback device, its size, dedicated platform or manufacturer. During the early stages of the digital revolution, technology and companies with technology-driven agendas gained control over media distribution with limiting formats and complex transcoding and content delivery network barriers," stated Gulas, "all which has been keeping distribution captive, vulnerable to piracy and extremely costly. By creating more sophisticated technologies, we have been able to greatly simplify the process, remove barriers and empower content creators, studios, and distributors to regain control over distribution and distribution costs."

Dr. Gunter Schubert, CTO of SWIG MEDIA, whose past achievements include breakthrough solutions in Information Technologies and Big Data Management, noted the following: “The company's proprietary ‘VPI DISTRIBUTION ECO-SYSTEM’ is the first and only online video platform which eliminates the need for releasing and/or uploading content to a third party server, the need for transcoding, the need for Content Delivery Network (CDN) participation, and the need to block content with territorial rights granted to a third party". Additional firsts in SWIG MEDIA’s Holistic distribution solution include: extreme compression (0.3% or less), encoding in a Single Universal format, and an Intelligent playback solution which is device, platform and resolution agnostic and which remains in real-time communication with the System’s Central Media Data Bank for the duration of playback.

“SWIG MEDIA’s research and development was guided by the ‘Holy Grail’ in digital distribution” noted Dr. Schubert, “specifically to create a single end-to-end solution that provides an outstanding and uninterrupted end-viewer experience, in production-quality video (including UHD/4K), delivered in a highly compressed file size, encoded in a single device and platform-agnostic universal format, and delivered in a Hybrid Dynamic Adaptive Stream, with maximum piracy prevention, minimum bandwidth consumption at the lowest possible distribution cost.”

SWIG MEDIA's VPI Distribution Eco-System Solution combines five patent pending technologies, thousands of lines of proprietary codes, and elements from Dr. Schubert’s 30 years of pioneer work in IT and Big Data management, with over a decade of research and development on digital video compression, encoding and playback technologies.

SWIG MEDIA’s distribution solution is uncompromising in end-user experience and unprecedented in the range of content rights management capabilities. Groundbreaking features include the patent pending and Trademarked Video Programming InterfaceTM' which is a short one-line code that can be embedded ("mashed") into playlists or menu guides. VPITM codes reduce the task of distribution and sub-distribution to the simple task of providing a unique VPITM code.

Markus Schubert, EVP of Software Development noted that “the complete VPI Distribution Eco-System, which combines the video delivery with all rights management, promotion and business functions related to distribution, is controlled by a single Central Media Data Bank, which is multi-dimensional, expandable and is remotely managed by a single, simple back-end management tool." Intelligence by SWIG MEDIA to both the Central Media Data Bank and the VPI created player also enables the first viable solution for global distribution of content with numerous territorial rights holders.


SWIG MEDIA is a Comprehensive Global Digital Video Distribution Provider and a Disruptive Entertainment Technology Company, with Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles, USA and Technology Headquarters in Plauen, Germany. The Company was created in November of 2013, through the merger of two Companies, SWIG Global Mobile Entertainment Network founded by Ivan Gulas and Innovative Media Technology Company founded by Dr. Gunter Schubert in Germany,

SWIG Global Mobile Entertainment Network (SWIG.TV) was launched in 2011, using the best available third party distribution solutions, and simultaneously initiating in-house technology development efforts. SWIG.TV grew rapidly to become early market leader in global wireless entertainment accessed from a single app, anytime and anywhere. Selection options on SWIG.TV include: daily refreshing short-format TV series, music, comedy, indie and festival films, and international channels in their original language. SWIG MEDIA is continuing expansion of programming on SWIG TV, and is also launching SWIGFLIX, a premium subscription and PPV service that will also offer streaming UHD (4K) content.

The merger of the two companies also enabled fast-tracking the completion of the next generation distribution solution announced today. Comprehensive distribution services are now offered by SWIG MEDIA, including a turn-key, 'White Label' TV Everywhere product for TV Networks, Studios and Distribution Companies, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS). http://www.SwigMedia.com

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