Digital Leaf publishes ‘So What!’, an inspiring new picture book with girl power!

Children can say mean things. So What! takes a light-hearted look at how one girl faces this and finds an imaginative way to cope.

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Peer relationships can be very challenging for children and So What! gives them the chance to explore and discuss this.

London, England (PRWEB UK) 5 April 2014

The latest book to hit the shelves from exciting new UK publisher, Digital Leaf is the glittery children’s picture book, ‘So What!’, a must-read for girls who like their butterflies, their tiaras and all things pretty.

The story centres around a young girl, Daisy who is having best friend problems. She delves into her imagination to cope, picturing incredible scenarios that ease her distress and help her find the confidence to be happy once more.

A highly original storyline is richly brought to life by vivid and colourful illustrations that young girls will find entrancing and magical. Neil Price is the illustrator behind the book’s distinctive look, a graduate of University College Falmouth with a big future.

Tracey Trussell, the first-time author, has waited longer for her moment in the publishing sun. A full-time graphologist Tracey has written many stories over the years but never took the steps to get them published. Thankfully she now has and children everywhere can enjoy the original humour and spirit of So What!

‘This is a particularly girly book by our standards’, said Neil Jeffries, founder of pioneering children’s publishing company Digital Leaf. ‘Our books usually have a broad appeal but this one is definitely for the little princesses – young girls should love it!’