April Showers Aren’t Just About May Flowers: Glass Doctor® Has Tips to Make Your Shower More Awesome

Glass Doctor has tips on making showers awesome for April.

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Waco, Texas (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

April showers shouldn’t be just about bringing May flowers. Glass Doctor knows your morning bathroom routine can be boring and they have tips on making showers awesome for April.

Change the curtain
Changing the shower curtain is the easiest way to make your shower awesome. Bright spring colors adds light to your bathroom. Try decorating your shower with a curtain that represents the season.

Get organized
Make your shower awesome by getting rid of the clutter. Organizers come in many forms and can be placed in the corners or showers or off of the shower spout. Getting a shower rack will also let you separate between his and her items.

Turn up the music
Adding a water resistant radio to your shower will allow you listen to your favorite morning tunes or news show. You can stay up on all the latest issues by adding a radio that suits your own tastes and needs.

Clean the showerhead
Make sure that your showerhead is free of clogs and grime. An awesome shower should have a showerhead that is clean and able to get you clean to start your day.

Make it shine
Soap scum and dirty shower glass can hurt your showers appearance. Make your shower awesome again by removing the soap scum and cleaning the glass. To maintain an awesome shower appearance, dry off the shower and shower faucets after every use to prevent soap scum build up.

April is about showers and these tips from Glass Doctor will help you make your shower awesome.


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