Kraft Foods Chooses Markerly as AdTech SF Winner for Their Disruptive Influencer Marketing Technology

Markerly is a full service influencer marketing platform advertising branded content to over 300 million people a month. Markerly participated in AdTech's annual Startup Spotlight challenge and was picked as the winner by Kraft Foods.

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Markerly Founding Team

The need for measurable results and active listening technology surrounding branded content and influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

Markerly, a full service influencer marketing platform, today announced that Kraft Foods awarded the company the Gold at AdTech’s annual Startup Spotlight pitch competition. Hundreds of startups applied to pitch Kraft for the opportunity to work on a business partnership with the Fortune 500 company.

The judges selected Markerly unanimously as the AdTech SF Startup Spotlight winner. Kraft is a leader in influencer marketing and was particularly impressed with Markerly’s turnkey solution which includes proprietary tracking technology, influencer identification, and amplification of branded content.

"As more and more brands are shifting advertising dollars to digital and content marketing in general, the need for measurable results and active listening technology surrounding sponsored content is becoming increasingly important," explains Markerly CEO, Sarah Ware. "Major retailers including Target and Walmart, as well as the brands sold within the stores, are spending more and more on influencer marketing because it works. Now we can take it to a whole new level and track all the way through the funnel - from read to purchase."

Markerly recently ran a campaign for Levi Strauss which went viral, proving that paid media converts to earned and owned. Markerly also ran a campaign for a major beverage company that sold out in over 100 retail stores in under 2 weeks proving that influencer marketing also has a direct effect on in-store purchases and the psyche of shoppers.

Markerly’s influencer marketing platform has code installed on every blogger site giving advertisers complete insight into how readers are interacting with the branded content, as well as retargeting capabilities. Markerly’s active listening technology tracks all conversations surrounding the branded content on social media platforms. Clients are treated to a real-time dashboard of all activity.

Markerly's dashboard tracks all elements of the campaign including the page view to read ratio, click through rates to the website, comments, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest, and YouTube. Markerly provides robust reporting on the demographics of the most engaged readers and runs retargeting against those with the highest intent to buy and places the best performing articles as recommended reading on premium publisher sites.

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