Tulemar Resort Releases Survey of 7 Important Things to Pack for Vacationing in Costa Rica

The concierge team at Tulemar Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has many years of experience serving guests from all over the world. The resort conducted a survey of the most common things guests regret not having packed.

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Packing these few items will help prevent unwanted delays and hassles.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

The team of personal concierges at Tulemar Resort have created a list, based on their combined experiences with travelers from all over the world, of the most helpful items travelers often don’t think to pack, but may find helpful during their stay.

“Some of the things our informal survey found are obvious - people just forget because they’re so excited about traveling,” says Mauricio Jara, head concierge at Tulemar. “But there are some less obvious items, too. We’ve narrowed down the list to these seven things.”

1. First-Aid Kit
Whether planning a relaxing vacation or an or adventurous vacation, a few band-aids, antibiotic cream and aspirin don’t take up a lot of space, and for minor scrapes and scratches, not having to venture out to buy them can save some time and hassle.

2. Chargers for Electronics
Whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, MP3 player or laptop, most travelers take along some sort of gadget to help pass the inevitable delays and idle times associated with traveling these days. Remembering to pack the charger for those devices helps make that time go faster. Costa Rica has the same electrical system as North America, so those traveling from other parts of the world will want to pop a converter in your suitcase as well.

3. Photocopies of Important Documents
Tulemar concierges recommend guests make a copy of their passport and store the original in the safe at the hotel. This is also the advice they give for credit cards: keeping a copy of the reverse side with the bank contact information could save a lot of time in case you lose it. Letting your bank know that you'll be traveling abroad is also recommended.

4. Sun Protection
Costa Rica is only 9 degrees above the equator, so the sun is intense. Even though Tulemar’s full-service beach offers some shade and umbrellas to guests free of charge, the concierges notice that a lot of guests end up getting sunburned. Sunscreen is expensive in Costa Rica, so pack enough for the entire trip and make sure to use it.

5. Insect Repellent
Although not a major problem in Costa Rica, bugs and mosquitoes are always present in the tropics, and they seem to be more attracted to some people than to others. If you’re one of those people the mosquitoes seem to love, drop a bottle of insect repellent into your pack. The brands that contain the chemical DEET are the most effective and longest lasting, so look for that on the label.

6. Flashlight
Random power outages occur occasionally in Costa Rica, so a small flashlight can be handy. Also, there are a lot of restaurants within walking distance to Tulemar, and since a lot of guests enjoy strolling to and from their evening meal, a small flashlight in the pocket or purse is helpful for the return walk. Make sure to check that the batteries are working and perhaps toss a couple of extras in your bag as well.

7. Spare Glasses or Contacts
Users of corrective lenses should pack a spare pair. Optometry shops abroad may not have your prescription and those “in about an hour” labs you see in the mall at home don’t exist around Manuel Antonio. Mauricio recalls, “One guest who lost his glasses had to have his optometrist at home overnight him a new pair at considerable expense, so it better to be prepared and bring an extra pair.”

“Whether you’re staying for three days or three weeks, packing these few items will help prevent unwanted delays and hassles,” says Mauricio. He adds, “Although our concierge team at Tulemar is skilled in helping solve any situation that might arise for guests during their stay, a little pre-planning can make everything go smoothly.”

Tulemar Vacation Home Rentals has offices in Tulemar Resort, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and represents a variety of independently owned vacation rental properties ranging from simple, one bedroom bungalows to large private villas. Guests enjoy the resorts hiking trails and award-winning private beach.