Protect Yourself from the Ever Expanding Police State

Black Ops Apps™ releases update to GhostMAC security application.

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Protect Your Fourth Amendment Rights

(PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Black Ops Apps is pleased to announce an update to their recently released GhostMAC ™ security application. GhostMAC ™, changes the users Media Access Control (MAC) address to a random address whenever the application is activated by the user. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to each user’s tablet, or smart phone which allows your usage and location to be tracked.

Users who routinely access the Internet via Wi-Fi connections use GhostMAC ™ to automatically change their MAC address to a series of randomly generated MAC addresses in order to protect them against illegal tracking.

Two of the upgrades to this revolutionary application include an upgrade to the user interface (UI) and the ability for users to see their devices’ current MAC address and when the address is changed.

GhostMAC ™ is the first in a line of planned apps developed by Black Ops Apps ™ that are designed to work in conjunction with one another and protect the users’ identity and constitutional rights.

Future products include GhostFI and GhostPHONE, which will be released later this year. GhostFI provides users the freedom to turn their mobile devices into an internet hot spot and GhostPHONE will be a secure, encrypted user-to-user phone app that protects conversations between mobile devices when the app is installed.

Black Ops Apps ™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cropcircles Application Software LLC. Cropcircles Application Software is a Florida based company with staff expertise in engineering, software development, physics, project management and law. The goal of Cropcircles is to provide quality applications to the mobile market that enrich the users experience.