Jake's Fireworks Supports Bill to Lift Ban on Consumer Fireworks as it Moves to the Iowa State House

Jake's Fireworks supports the House Bill Study #672 as it moves to the Iowa State House for discussion.

DES MOINES, Iowa (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

The bill to lift the ban on fireworks being sold in Iowa has moved to the Iowa House of Representatives. House bill study #672 has bi-partisan support. According to a poll released in March by The Des Moines Register, fifty-six percent of Iowans support lifting the ban on the sale of consumer fireworks. Currently, it’s legal to possess fireworks in the state of Iowa but most Iowans have to drive to neighboring states to purchase their fireworks to celebrate July 4th.

“It’s time to modernize our state laws and legalize the sale of consumer fireworks in Iowa”, stated Senator Jake Chapman (R-Adel). “I hope that House Bill Study #672 will come up for a vote soon and move on to the Senate, where I will be supporting it. We’d welcome the economic impact that the sale of fireworks could bring to our state if we can pass the bill in time for the 2014 Fourth of July season.”

The bill has several provisions that allow fireworks to be safely regulated such as prohibiting minors from purchasing fireworks, giving local municipalities the ability to restrict the sale of fireworks and local fire marshals to regulate the sale of fireworks in case of droughts.

“Legalizing the sale of fireworks has actually proven to have a positive effect on reducing injuries caused by the shooting of illegal fireworks,” commented Jake Marietta, President of Jake’s Fireworks. “The regulation of fireworks and fireworks safety has always been a top priority for our company. We applaud the Iowa Legislature and this bill.”

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