Recent Carbon Monoxide Tragedy Should Be Warning to All, Says AW & Sons Exhaust

Both business and homeowners should take heed of CO2-related loss of life in Long Island mall.

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Central Islip, New York (PRWEB) April 06, 2014

AW & Sons Exhaust, a provider of HVAC and duct cleaning services to organizations throughout Long Island and the five boroughs, is saddened by the recent events at a sea food company in the local mall and extends their condolences to the victim’s family. Additionally, AW & Sons Exhaust strongly recommends that all should learn from the terrible lesson that was taught.

In a February 24th story covered by a New York news channel, the tragic aftermath of an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning at a popular Long Island restaurant reported that the restaurant chain’s CEO has announced the planned installation of CO2 monitors in all locations. The loss of life of the restaurant manager was tragic but further deaths were averted by the quick evacuation of the restaurant and an adjoining restaurant. Patrons were treated for CO2 exposure with one of the other restaurant employees being successfully treated for near-fatal poisoning. While the incident has been termed an accident due to a faulty exhaust pipe and the restaurant is being fined for the mechanical failure that caused the death, this incident should be a wake-up call for all businesses and homes that do not have CO2 monitors but have the potential for CO2 poisoning.

Both businesses and homes have many potential sources of CO2 gas. In winter months, when windows and doors of residences are closed tight against the cold the danger is greater. For restaurants and other businesses, the design of their building may not allow for windows and doors to remain open and the risks are great year round. Having exhaust pipes in residences and business regularly checked and cleaned is the first and greatest step that can be taken to prevent the potential for CO2 poisoning. As CO2 is an odorless, colorless gas, it is difficult to detect without a CO2 alarm and even then it could be a little too late. Studies show that an adult exposed to CO2 gas can become dizzy, disoriented and be rendered unconscious in a matter of minutes. In homes where small children and pets reside, they can suffer the effects and dangers quicker because of their small statures and body mass.

The team at AW & Sons Exhaust strongly recommend that home and business owners have their properties assessed to understand and be aware of all the potential sources of CO2. Once they are identified, they should be professionally inspected and cleaned and this process should be continued on a regular basis that is dictated by the level of use of the sources of CO2. Adding a quality CO2 detector and maintaining it with fresh batteries and regular tests will protect homes and businesses and the people who work and live in these locations.

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