Mensa Members Rank Their Top 10 National Parks

"Grand” Only Begins to Describe the Top Choice

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Arlington, TX (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

American Mensa members selected their top 10 national parks in conjunction with National Park Week. The week-long event is April 19 – April 27 and includes fee-free entrance days on Saturday, April 19, and Sunday, April 20.

The No. 1 pick overall was Grand Canyon National Park. Participating members cited several reasons for their choice, including, “For (its) sheer majesty, there is nothing like the Grand Canyon. The park amenities allow for a great experience for all budgets while minimizing human impact to the area,” and “The Grand Canyon is the natural landscape that people think of when they think of the United States.”

Here are the top 10 National parks as selected by Mensa members:
1.     Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)
2.    Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
3.    Yosemite National Park (California)
4.    Statue of Liberty National Monument (New York)
5.    Blue Ridge Parkway (North Carolina)
6.    Lincoln Memorial (Washington D.C.)
7.     Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Tennessee)
8.    Zion National Park (Utah)
9.    Cape Cod National Seashore (Massachusetts)
10.     Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

Participating Mensa members chose their top 10 from a list of the 30 most visited national parks. To view the full infographic, visit

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