Forget Five Hours! Up Your Gas Celebrates 22 Years Of Energy with a 30-Day Trial Offer

The nutritional supplement industry’s most outrageous energy pill is back. Up Your Gas, the herbal energy blaster that’s been supercharging Americans’ lives for 22 years, today announced its launch of a new website and 30-day trial offer.

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America's #1 Natural Energy Pill

Up Your Gas-Natural Herbal Energy Booster

Energizing America Since 1992

Winter Park, Florida (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

Introduced in 1992 by Hot Stuff Nutritionals, Up Your Gas quickly rose to fame thanks to its zany name. However, the formula’s ability to unleash sustained natural vitality gave it staying power—making it one of the longest-lived energy supplements of all time.

Originally designed as a pre-workout formula for bodybuilders, Up Your Gas was soon embraced by truck drivers, students, professionals, homemakers, and anyone who needed enhanced energy, stamina, alertness and mental focus.

Up Your Gas features an exotic blend of the world’s best time-tested energy herbs. This blend sparks a famous energy jolt that’s so powerful, some users say they must “hang on for dear life!” The formula:

  •     Guarana: A black seed used as a Brazilian tribal stimulant
  •     Kola Nut: African power-up that unleashes euphoric energy
  •     Panax Ginseng: Traditional Chinese root for energy & stress
  •     Ginkgo Leaf: Neural accelerator herb for fast, energized mind
  •     Taurine: Amino acid that supports stamina and muscle energy
  •     Green Tea: Caffeine + EGCG for peak metabolic performance
  •     Royal Jelly: Nutrient-dense, milky-white Queen Bee food
  •     Vitamin B12: The “Energy Vitamin” with a side of niacin

“We’re not impressed with horrible-tasting energy shots that boast about five hours of energy,” says Paul Ciola, President of Hot Stuff Nutritionals. “With 22 years of category-leading excellence, Up Your Gas has staying power—and a truly amazing vitality surge—that no energy supplement can match!”

The new website site and 30-day trial offer are designed to introduce Up Your Gas to an entirely new audience—while making it easier than ever for longstanding users, affectionately known as “Gas Fanatics,” to order Up Your Gas online and stay connected to new promotions and offers.

The Up Your Gas trial offer may be claimed at