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GlyphViewer improves the online experience of people by helping site owners build complex multilingual content for their published images. A unique feature of the application is that it can recognize and translate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Glyph Soft LLC, a small company devoted to improving the online experience of people all around the world, has just released a new version of its GlyphViewer desktop application.

Following the feedback from users, GlyphViewer now provides more features for publishing images online, in a format optimized for search engines, and decreases the time needed to recognize, translate and export the desired content.

As Glyph Soft's main purpose is to provide site owners with the tools to improve the overall experience of the users, a price adjustment has been made. This is why GlyphViewer is designed to help non-technical people publish images online using professional HTML formats optimized for search engines.

GlyphViewer will help break online language barriers found in content that cannot be easily translated with today's online tools.

Have you ever felt frustrated when you did not understand the text in an image?

Imagine that while reading news online an image comes to your attention, an image containing Chinese or Arabic words. To most people the text is actually a hieroglyph and, while a picture can be worth a thousand words, one cannot fully comprehend the message in that image, which can hold wonderful secrets. This is where GlyphViewer application can help by allowing site owners to translate and export the text in the images in a friendly format optimized for search engines such as Bing or Google. Not only the image will now provide a native language description to the user, but search engines will associate the image with the translated content in each language.

GlyphViewer also allows non-technical people to build complex multilingual advertise slogans starting from campaign's images. Serve native language slogans to people all around the world, link regions in your image to where users need to be directed. Thus, the targeted person will fully understand what the campaign is about without any additional language knowledge, besides the mother's tongue.

GlyphViewer will help you decipher both Modern and Ancient text!

Have you ever been to Egypt and wanted to unlock the secrets of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?
GlyphViewer is the first application in the world that is able to recognize and translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

As Mihai Matei, Glyph Soft's CEO stated: "The idea for GlyphViewer came while taking a trip to Egypt in the fall of 2008. While being present in a temple at Luxor or Karnak the first thing that is noticed, apart from the actual size of the complex which overwhelms, is the amount of hieroglyph writing on the walls, cartouches and so on. Any decent tourist starts taking picture after picture, but at one point one just wants to know what the writing actually mean. This is what GlyphViewer can do, recognize and translate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs in your images. To a certain degree GlyphViewer is a modern version of the Rosetta Stone, as it does the same thing the stone slab did for unlocking the hieroglyphic language. The difference is that now the stone is a piece of software that is built with the help of GlyphViewer application to be shared online."

One may also export and publish the translated content and this makes GlyphViewer a useful tool for Museums that want to share with the visitors the secrets of their ancient exhibits.

The only way to get to know GlyphViewer and check if it can help you and your business is to install it. Currently, Windows/MacOSX/Linux versions are available on http://www.2glyph.com site. Some interesting examples of translated content built with GlyphViewer are also provided online.

About Glyph Soft LLC

Glyph Soft is a software company founded in 2012 that strives to break the language barriers between people. One of such barriers is found in the content that cannot be easily automatically translated due to the technical challenges involved in exposing it, such as text in images.
Glyph Soft's main product is currently GlyphViewer, a desktop application designed to be used by non-technical people to translate pictures. This solution allows blazing fast building of advertisement campaigns designed to target people all around the world with slogans in their native language.

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