From Homeless to Millionaire Overflow Cafe Announces Expansion, Rakes in Cash While Helping Businesses Succeed

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Overflow Cafe co-founder Jeff Hall used to be homeless, and so were some of his first clients. Today Overflow Cafe announces expansion plans.

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Walking into a store and being able to buy anything you want without caring about the price is a nice feeling.

Overflow Cafe is one of the most unique SEO agencies in the world. Started in 1995 when the internet was still a baby, Overflow Cafe has now helped over 40,000 small businesses succeed, while making the founders very rich. Far from the days when Overflow Cafe co-founder Jeff Hall used to starve and wonder where he would be sleeping for the night.

Growing up in a very poor suburb of Toronto, he dreamed of being rich despite his harsh circumstances. Before age 10 he would buy popular items from the local corner store and sell it to his friends at school for a profit. When he was a pre-teen he started picking stocks, and started a small landscaping business. By age 16 he had his own office with employees - a company he called Overflow Cafe.

He spent his days working, and nights in the library to learn as much as he could about business and advertising. Successful business owners all seemed to have similar things in common, and Jeff sought to help small businesses succeed online. Some of Overflow Cafe's initial clients were just as broke as Jeff. Realtors, new entrepreneurs, local business people who were struggling to make a dent in the business world. Jeff joined business clubs (most of the time being the youngest member) and learned about marketing, branding and advertising.

"We started with one broke client who couldn't pay us, and now have 40,000 amazing clients. Most of them become very successful with us. To be completely honest, some fail miserably, that's just business." he says.

Overflow Cafe is planning to expand now, to hire new people and expand its offices. The company will hire 60-90 new people, some of them will be freelancers. Experts in SEO, business management and consulting. They will move into a bigger office and invest into automation and service improvements. This expansion will help to serve current customers much better plus leave a lot of room for increased revenue.

Because Overflow Cafe invests in some of the companies they help promote, profits have grown exponentially. By age 28, Jeff was a multi-millionaire even though Overflow Cafe is a small boutique firm. "Walking into a store and being able to buy anything you want without caring about the price is a nice feeling. Being the landlord instead of the tenant is a nice feeling. Helping a single mom succeed in business and become a millionaire is a nice feeling. If I approach an investment bank today, I bet I can probably sell Overflow Cafe for a profit of $85 Million CAD in less than 48hrs. But I won't, I'm having too much fun." He says.

Jeff's rags-to-riches story isn't unique, Overflow Cafe helps a lot of small business owners achieve the same dream. Overflow Cafe outlines need-to-know techniques for running a profitable business, and tries to leave the business owner with fresh confidence and a time tested, winning strategy. "I heard one of our clients used to be on welfare, a single mom who now earns $600,000 (USD) per year as an event planner."

Overflow Cafe gives a portion, usually 10% profits, to charities and employees are encouraged to do weekly volunteer work. Some of the companies favorite charitable passions include micro-business programs in third world countries, such as the ones found at Kiva.

Founded in 1995, Overflow Cafe helps small business owners succeed by making their websites popular. They currently have 40,000 clients worldwide, mostly in the USA and Canada. Their website is and they are located in Toronto Canada.

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