v3® Parallax Scanning Brings a Near 3D Experience to 4K 60p Imaging at NAB Lab’s Future Park

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Vision III Imaging, Inc. (v3) a leader in parallax visualization technologies, for commercial and military applications, will demonstrate 4K 60p parallax scanned imagery and its Real Shot™ parallax induction technology at NAB Lab’s Future Park.

v3 parallax scanning technology with 4K at 60p writes three-dimensional spatial information into every frame that subconsciously pushes all the right perceptual buttons to turn your monitor screen into a window for you to lookout on to the world.

Vision III Imaging, Inc. (v3) a leader in parallax visualization technologies, for commercial and military applications, will demonstrate 4K 60p parallax scanned imagery and its Real Shot™ parallax induction technology at NAB Lab’s Future Park. Parallax scanning is a v3 technique for capturing three-dimensional depth information over time using one camera and one lens. v3 imagery can be displayed on a standard display without 3D glasses or special screens. Real Shot is a parallax induction technique that also embeds three-dimensional parallax information into Internet or mobile digital advertising.

A Red Dragon digital cinema camera with the v3 Moving Optical Element (MOE) prime PL-Mount lenses and a v3 AX4 equipped Angenieux DP zoom lens was used to capture the 4k 60p imagery.

Parallax is the information your two eyes provide the brain to create a three-dimensional perception. Each eye sees the object you are looking at from a slightly different point of view or a different position of parallax. This process is known as binocular vision.

Historically, three-dimensional imaging systems have always required stereoscopic 3D technologies. However, these technologies require special displays and viewing glasses to work. In addition, 3D content requires a special two camera systems for production or an elaborate 2D to 3D conversion processes to generate stereo views.

Parallax scanning is accomplished using a digital parallax scanner (DPS). The DPS is a moving iris mechanism that is inserted into the optical path of a lens. When the iris is moved off the center of the lens, it records a different point of view at the plane of focus. The DPS iris scans in a circle around the center of the lens, making it possible to capture 360° of parallax information using a single lens.

4K 60p displays are perfectly suited for presenting parallax scanned imagery. Parallax scanning requires differing points of view to be presented for the viewer at 4.3 times per second. Slower frame rates reduce the number of different views that can be presented in each scan cycle. Lower imaging resolutions require higher parallax scan amplitudes to produce the same effect, which contribute to image instability. For example, high definition imagery recorded at 24p will have approximately 5.6 different views per cycle (24p/4.3 Hz = 5.6 views). A 4K resolution at a 60p high frame rate increases the amount of parallax views that can be included in each scan cycle at lower more stable scan amplitude. v3 4K 60p has approximately 14 different views per cycle (60p/4.3 Hz = 14 views). This means that v3 4K 60p has approximately 150% more three-dimensional information than parallax scanning imagery captured at 24p and 100% than at 30p. The result is a super sharp high-resolution v3 dimensional image that is very stable and realistic looking.

In addition to the v3 parallax scanning technology, the Company is also demonstrating its v3 Real Shot parallax induction technology for digital advertising. Real Shot is another parallax technology that is designed to write three-dimensional information into digital advertising to make simple looping animation content “pop” off the page. Real Shot is designed to get the viewers attention in a manner that cannot be ignored.

Both the parallax scanning and Real Shot technologies share the same following v3 attributes:

  •     v3 can be displayed on any standard 2D monitor (4K, HD, SD, and mobile) without the necessity of viewing glasses or special screens.    
  •     v3 imagery can also be scaled and distributed to any device that can display video imagery from mobile phones to outdoor billboard video displays.
  •     v3 can be viewed from any angle and while lying on the couch
  •     v3 does not produce eye strain
  •     v3 can be streamed or broadcast to the home like normal video programming

v3 parallax scanning lenses seamlessly write three-dimensional information into 4K 60p content creating a unique and realistic image perception that appears like a view of a scene from a window.

Real Shot is a parallax visualization technique that incorporates three-dimensional information into animated advertising, which stands apart from all of the other imagery on a given Internet page. It is designed to maximize the advertising placement dollar by creating a three-dimensional perception that will capture the viewer’s immediate attention.
v3 is realistic. Everything else is just flat.®

At NAB, v3 is previewing the next generation of its professional video and postproduction products (NAB Lab’s Future Park Booth N1435). Learn more about the next versions of v3 products at: http://www.inv3.com including the release of the new 3D postproduction Parallax Visualization (PV) and MVC 3D Splitter Software Toolsets. The new toolsets are designed to work with our Quick S3D Plug-in for Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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