Precision Design Studios Launches 2 Sites for Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands turned to Precision Design Studios as a partner to build commerce sites for its Georgia Boot and Durango Boots brands and to properly set the sites up for future upgrades.

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Providence, RI (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

On March 11, 2014, Precision Design Studios (PDS) launched two sites for companies under Rocky Brands – Georgia Boot ( and Durango Boots (

Rocky Brands initially contacted PDS in November 2013. The company’s Rocky Boots site had just launched, built on the Demandware platform, but it was lacking a partner to provide support. Within minutes of signing on for PDS’ support package, Rocky Brands was given its own dedicated phone line and ticketing portal specifically for the Rocky Boots site. PDS’s ability to resolve all of the site’s issues quickly and professionally, including one urgent ticket, gave Rocky Brands the confidence it needed to engage PDS to develop the Georgia Boot and Durango Boots sites.

"Choosing to partner with PDS was the best decision we could have made. They were incredibly easy to work with over the course of our projects and the quality of their work is second to none. The attention they paid to every detail and every custom feature on our sites gave us a lot of confidence in our partnership with them," stated Richard Simms, President of Retail Sales at Rocky Brands, upon the successful launch of the two sites.

To follow suit with the Rocky Boots site, PDS built the Georgia Boot and Durango Boots sites using Demandware, the premier commerce platform for retail brands around the world. Known for being an exceptionally stable and fast platform, Demandware offers a durable foundation for a custom shopping experience to be built on.

PDS skinned both of the existing sites and architected the new sites in a way that would prepare them for upgrades in the future. Implementing a back-end structure that includes a platform level with sections for each of Rocky Brands’ additional divisions underneath will allow the company to make changes to just one site or to all sites at the same time quickly and easily.

Happy with their working relationship, Simms has engaged PDS to build Demandware commerce sites for the remaining companies under Rocky Brands, as well as sites for all of Lehigh Outfitters’ brands. Creative Recreation, the next site in the pipeline, is scheduled to launch early May. August 2014 is slated for the completion of the project in its entirety, which includes the development of responsive mobile sites for each brand as well.

About Precision Design Studios
Located in Providence, RI, Precision Design Studios (PDS) is a leading Demandware implementation provider. As experts in customizing this cutting-edge technology, we develop innovative commerce solutions to help businesses perform better and reach their commerce goals. Knowing how rapidly technology can change, we keep a constant eye on industry trends in an effort to plan for tomorrow’s commerce today. To learn more, visit or call 401-489-7341.

About Rocky Brands
Founded in 1932, Rocky Brands designs, develops, manufactures, and markets premium quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Duty, and Military footwear, as well as Outdoor and Work apparel accessories. The Rocky Brands family of brands includes owned brands Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh, and the licensed brand Michelin Footwear. To learn more, visit