ShrinkTheWeb Releases Screenshot Plugin for Elgg Community Software

Webmasters who rely on the powerful social network-based open source CMS called Elgg to build their websites now have the ability to automatically add screenshot images using ShrinkTheWeb.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Elgg is a unique and highly-customizable platform built on its own foundation that enjoys a strong community comprised of loyal users of the content management system. Although the customer base that utilizes the code enjoys the ability to create social networking sites that bring together everyone from educators to exercisers seeking workout partners and a multitude of other socializers and colleagues, Elgg’s systematic capabilities extend well beyond strictly social media aspects.

Some of the major websites powered by Elgg include NASA, The World Bank, and plenty of government agencies and universities around the globe that have sought out a more private and dynamic solution than merely creating networks or groups on Facebook. That award-winning open source power has now been married with ShrinkTheWeb, a popular provider of technology that allows admins to create automated website preview images in bulk to display on their own sites.

ShrinkTheWeb has long offered an innovative solution that fosters the systematic display of website preview images, reducing the need to manually visit hundreds or thousands of sites to extract an image of the contents. The systematized website screenshot service has been integrated into the Elgg technology under the "ShrinkTheWeb Certified Integrations" program, which ensures best practices usages for developers tapping into the powerful API to enhance their plugins and modules with the beloved screengrab feature.

With ShrinkTheWeb’s integration into Elgg, users can now readily insert thousands – or even millions – of screenshot images en masse into their own Elgg-powered websites to enhance their sites with visual imagery wherever needed, improving the appeal, navigation experience and interest of text-heavy pages.

Advanced features of the ShrinkTheWeb offering includes the ability to automatically capture not only the homepage of a website or even the main sub domains, but inside pages as well. A variety of screen capture sizes are also available, from customized ratios to full-size captures of website pages.

The added benefit of refresh on-demand, which displays the most-recent and available screenshot image of a website, has also been incorporated into Elgg’s robust framework. ShrinkTheWeb additionally introduces the mouse-over popup election to allow users to preview a screenshot simply and easily.

Based upon the permissions the user has enabled, admins can elect customized browser resolutions, reduce quality to decrease bandwidth usage, and enjoy other advanced caching capabilities.

About ShrinkTheWeb™

ShrinkTheWeb offers a service to fully automate the capture and delivery of web page screenshots. The company was founded in 2009 and has been a driving force in the emerging automated website screenshot marketplace.

ShrinkTheWeb has always held fast to the idea that website screenshots will eventually become a staple of the Internet. They will become a commonplace replacement or enhancement to simply showing a link. They are the natural evolution to linking and referencing on the web.

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