Turning Pay Per Click Into Pay Per Client

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A Pay Per Click strategy is a must for law firms attempting to appeal to the greatest swath of clients possible, but far too many practices fail to follow through on a campaign’s promise. In response, the PPC and SEO experts at Legal Marketing Advantage are offering tips on increasing conversion rates.

PPC can be a vital marketing outlet for law firms, but if an attorney isn’t careful, they could end up throwing money out the window.

When a law firm is trying to nudge its way up the search results, the endeavor can quickly grow frustrating. There are many other practices competing for attention and only so much space available.

It takes patience to continue to put forth an organic Search Engine Optimization campaign, but in the meantime, law firms do have options. One of the most promising of these is Pay Per Click advertising.

With PPC, a law firm is essentially paying to get its ads featured either at the top of a search engine or alongside a website that holds applicability to their practice. By bidding on certain keyword phrases based on an available budget, a firm is able to secure placement that might otherwise prove elusive with a reliance on SEO alone.

Unfortunately, a simple click isn’t enough; law firms have to be able to convert those clicks into actual new clients. This is where many firms falter, as they lack the setup to secure the kind of follow-through that can equate to new business.

Legal Marketing Advantage has been helping law firms overcome this hurdle for a number of years. They not only assist with securing PPC traffic, but they put together campaigns that increase the chances of that traffic turning into new clientele. PPC expert Javier Corona, the head of Legal Marketing Advantage, wants attorneys to understand that a click does no good if it doesn’t lead to a client.

“We don’t currently have an acceptable system where you can pay per conversion,” said Mr. Corona, “and we probably never will. That means that law firms have to make sure that they’re making the most of every click that brings a prospective client to their doorstep. PPC can be a vital marketing outlet for law firms, but if an attorney isn’t careful, they could end up throwing money out the window. We don’t want that to happen.”

With that in mind, law firms are encouraged to think about the PPC tips that Legal Marketing Advantage has put together thanks to years of hands-on experience:

•The Right Tool For The Job- One big factor playing into wasteful budgets is the fact that lawyers may not be bidding on the right phrases. An initial thought may be that a car accident lawyer should bid for the term “car accident.” Unfortunately, such a blanket phrase is open to interpretation, as one can’t guarantee that a searcher actually wants a lawyer. They could be researching local traffic patterns, insurance coverage, or news on that subject. More specific phrases are preferable.

•Be Smart With Money- There’s also a money problem that pops up when attorneys don’t get specific enough with the phrases they are bidding on. A law firm is going to waste a lot of money bidding on a phrase like “divorce lawyer,” as numerous people are searching that term and hence there’s a lot of competition. Try instead to think outside the box by bidding on other phrases that will guarantee placement for a fraction of the cost. A bid on “pet custody cases” or “social security divorce FAQs” may be more valuable than “divorce attorney.”

•Truth In Advertising- Oftentimes, it’s not the ad itself that’s the problem, it’s the content that the visitor is taken to. Claims made in an ad are often ignored on the very page that an ad shuttles traffic to, and this is a mistake. Keep your promises. For instance, if a lawyer promises a free consultation in an ad, a free consultation should be readily available once the ad is clicked.

•General Can Land Your Finances In The Hospital- Too many law firms fail to set up the landing pages necessary to properly receive prospective clients, instead opting to use their homepage as a general receptacle for all incoming traffic. The preferable option would be to create different landing pages for different terms being bid on so that each client receives an introduction to the firm that suits their unique needs.

Legal Marketing Advantage, one of the fastest growing internet marketing tech companies in North America, offers a diverse array of search marketing solutions to satisfy the needs and budgets of law firms across the country. Utilizing state of the art technology and innovative strategy, the company helps attorneys and law firms grow their business and reach their full potential. LMA develops customized internet marketing solutions that empower legal professionals with a simple and affordable way to attract qualified prospects and convert them into clients. Click the following link to learn about law firm PPC strategies from Legal Marketing Advantage.

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